Pay it Back to Pay it Forward

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My RAK this week went to Amanda and Shelly. They are the owner, and one of the server/part-time managers at Maddie’s in Salem They are two of the kindest people I know. My father in law goes to Maddie’s almost every day, and they treat him like a king. I took up their tab today, and Shelly was very happy to get the Pay it Forward gift certificate. Come to find out, that about 4 months ago, some one gave her a Pay it Forward certificate, so she was very happy to get the chance to Pay it Forward.

1st Peeps of the day!

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I chose the first party that sat in the dining room this morning.  It was a party of 4.  A Mom and Dad and their 2 small kids.  I went over and explained who I am and what I wanted to do for them.  This was their 1st time in and a friend had told them about us.  They thought we were great so far, and I gave them a GC for a future visit.  Hopefully I we caught a new regular 🙂

Veggie Burger Smiles

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I have a guest that comes in fairly infrequently, but it is a neighbor of ours. She is often seen walking around in the area.  Some people had made comments of her perhaps being homeless, but I have spoken with her several times and she actually lives with her niece down the street. She is friendly, quiet and maybe a little lonely.  She came in tonight and ordered a Veggie burger.  I decided to RAK her.  It was definitely one of the ones that made me smile, as i don’t think she has very much.

Happy 21st

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I met a young lady today named Jackie. It was her 21st Birthday, and she came in for lunch with her mother, and her boyfriends mother and sister. I took up the tab ( minus the alcohol of course) and the entire table was very impressed.

Out of town’ers

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Tonight a server, Jenny, approached me about her table that was from out of town. They were already planning on returning this week before they returned home to visit Jenny again. They were very impressed with our restaurant and glad they chose us during their stay so we decided to impress them more by RAKing them. They thought our PAY IT FORWARD program was wonderful and was looking forward to giving someone a random act of kindness themselves.

1st GrandParents Day!

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I had a party of 4 tonight. Every time I walked by the table a little baby about 8 months old would wave to me with the biggest smile.  She was so happy throughout their entire meals.  I spoke with the party several times about how happy and adorable she was.  The older couple said they were in for Grandparents day and it was their first grandchild.  I decided to RAK them, since they were already receiving a 25% discount, I wanted to hook them up for their next visit.  I gave them a $25 GC and the pay it forward certificate.  They were laughing saying it pays to have a cute granddaughter.

Never too young!!

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I had a couple come in with their 3 kids. The newest member of the family was only 2 weeks old! Blaine and Todd were very nice, and could not believe the generosity of our company. I figured why not RAK a couple with a new baby, as they could use the break, after all, diapers are expensive these days! Perhaps in about 16 to 18 years, we will have new regulars. 🙂

Boys in Blue!

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My RAK went to a group of five officers who came in to enjoy lunch. I went over when they were finishing up their meals and asked how everything was to which they all responded with how much they enjoyed it. I told them that I was going to pick up their entire tab but I needed them to do me a small favor and give away the $25 certificate. They all thanked me immensely.

Free Dessert for a Month!

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I Rak’d a 12 year old girl today.  I bought her dessert and gave her four $5.00 gift certificates to buy herself dessert the next 4 times she came in! I also gave her $25.00 to Pay It Forward and told her she could give it to anyone she wanted.  She was very excited to be chosen and I believe it made a huge impact on her parents.


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I forgot to post my story from last week. I will first thank Christie and Angela for suggesting the perfect guest to RAK. I wound up giving my RAK to Shirley. She is a regular guest at T-Bones in Derry, and has been for the past several years. She used to come in every week with her husband who was in a wheelchair. She had not been in for several weeks, and when she returned, she let Chrisite and Angela, who wait on her often know that her husband had passed away. I introduced myself, and let her know that she was my pick for the Random Act of Kindness for the week. She was very thrilled, and let me know that it was her first visit to T-BONES since her husband had passed away. It took her several weeks to build up the courage to come back in to a place that she loves, but is now dining alone. She will no doubt Pay it Forward, and will be back regularly, even though it hurts her heart.