Semper Fi

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I had an older gentleman and his daughter in for dinner tonight. He normally goes to T-Bones in Hudson, but was in the Derry area tonight, so decided to come to Derry. He engaged  his server Trisha in conversation about his military service, and the fact that he was so proud to have served his country. We thought that he would be a great candidate to RAK. I took care of their meal, and explained the promotion. They were very happy to have been chosen. I also explained the Military discount on Tuesdays, and the promotion for tomorrow.

Faithful Regulars

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I  missed my RAK last week and when a family that visits us at least 3-4 times a week came in tonight I thought it would be great to surprise them. I’ve had the privilege to get to know this wonderful family over the years when I was a server and love that I can give back to them this way. Steve Burl owns a mechanic shop in Derry and recently had his lift break and nearly kill him while damaging an expensive vehicle he was working on. Through friends I learned they were struggling a bit. I brought them out a $50 GC  and accompanied the certificate with a pint of Buffalo Sauce and Ranch Dressing for their middle child Sammy and a big bag of popcorn for their little girl Sophia. They are loyal guests who take time to give us positive reviews on media sites and comment on other posts regarding our excellent standards and service. They speak highly of our establishment and our “family” and I love that we make them feel that every time they visit us!

local businesses unite

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While working an event last week at St. Anne’s Taste of the Town I met a very nice couple that own J&B Butcher in Hampstead NH. We worked side by side at a very busy and exciting event. I was thrilled to represent our company in my community. We were both husband and wife teams working side by side and enjoyed each other’s company. During the very little downtime we learned that Jim and Cheryl were faithful TBones regulars so they were ecstatic to be set up next to us and enjoy our Chili and Espinachos. When I saw them today on a new week I just had to tell them about our Random Act of Kindness program and bought their lunch. Owning a local business in our community, I have no doubt they will pass along our $25 RAK GC to a worthy person. They were very impressed to see a business of our stature to work a community event like the Taste of the Town and we definitely impressed them more when they learned about our RAK program.

Date Night

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One of my servers Jenny let me know that we had a couple dining tonight, that we out for their first date night after the birth of their first child. Taylor and Kim had their daughter 2 weeks ago, and got Grandma and grandpa to babysit for a couple of hours so that they could go out to dinner. They were very surprised, and extremely happy to be chose as my random act of kindness for the week. The will no doubt pay it forward.

Actor RAK

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We have a regular that frequents both Derry and Bedford. He is a an actor that does Kevin James’ stunt doubles amongst other projects. I however, know him as a person who has the same type of Cancer as my mother. Not many people know of Carcinoid Tumors but they are deadly and unless caught early often have a short life span but he, like my mother, had aggressive surgery with predicted positive outcomes. Recently I know he has had several screenings with  a few concerns. He has also been feeling lousy and struggles with arthritis and possibly looking at a knee replacement. He is a very generous person who frequently does selfless acts like picking up someone’s breakfast order at a diner or Dunkin Donuts and I thought this would be another opportunity for him to do a Random Act of Kindness with our help.

First Timers

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I forgot to post my RAK story from last week. On Saturday night, Amanda let me know that we had a party in the lounge that were at T-Bones for the first time. Bob and Trudy live in the Portsmouth area, but were in our area visiting friends, and decided to go out to eat before returning home. They were very impressed with T-Bones, and said that they think a T-Bones in the Portsmouth area would do great. I have no doubt that they will take the time to PIF.

kids RAK

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Tonight I saw a couple I knew from high school. I was friends with Julie and my brother was friends with George. They fell in love hanging out with our mutual friends and have been together for over 20 years with two boys and a girl. I have been seeing them and their kids in Derry since I started 12 years ago. Tonight I saw them with just their youngest child Izabelle and approached them about our Random Act of Kindness program and asked “Izzie” if she wanted to help her mom and dad find someone they wanted to surprise with a Random Act of Kindness. She immediately got excited and wanted to pay back the Kindness immediately. She found a family with kids right here in our store and presented our $25 GC to a surprised family that was grateful for her generosity. She felt really proud of herself and thanked me for letting her do something nice for someone else.

Brady’s Return

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So, since it was the return of Tom Brady. I gave my RAK to Bob and Claudette, who came in to the dining room wearing A Brady and A Gronk jersey, They were thrilled. I took up their tab, and they were excited to Pay it Forward.

Just Moved In (Sullivan Family)

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Tonight Trisha approached me about a table that was new to town and heard so much about our wonderful restaurant. Her oldest son is in eighth grade and he has heard from his new friends that we are the best restaurant ever!!!!! The family moved to Derry the day before school started and has been tight on money but with the mother’s Dad in town and brother they felt the special occasion deserved a night out and had to try this place, TBones, they have heard so much about. Colleen (mom) introduced me to her daughter a sophomore, two sons (7th and 8th grade) and her oldest daughter who left for college in Wisconsin they day they moved in. I approached the table to welcome them to town and tell them about our great Random Act of Kindness program and presented them with a $50 Gift Certificate to enjoy our great food and let them worry a little less about their evening out. After tears and goosebumps Colleen hugged me tightly with tears of joy committing themselves to a lifetime of visits here in Derry. I then asked Trisha to order them 2 samplers to send to me. I delivered their food and checked on them to see how they were enjoying their experience and the boys thanked me endlessly saying they had the best meal. Fortunately Dad picked up the bill allowing them to  hold onto their $50 GC and visit us again! They can’t wait to come back and can’t wait to surprise a new neighbor with our $25 GC and their Random Act of Kindness

political RAk

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Tonight I gave our Random Act of Kindness to a couple who frequents our Derry store multiple times a week and has since we opened. She also served as a council member in Derry for  many years so I know she will spread great word of our program and was surprised she didn’t know if it sooner. She is also a customer we have won back from a period when she felt like we weren’t performing up to par so this was a great way to show her some positive things we do with our great company.  She looks forward to spreading kindness with her GC.