Dog Lovers

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One of my servers Tori is a dog lover. Last night, when she had a couple at her table stop in to get a bite to eat, they told her that they had just had to have their dog put down. : ( She asked me if we could RAK the table, as having to say good-bye to a beloved pet is a tramatic experience. Being an animal lover myself, I of course agrred. The guests were Ray and Lisa, and they were very thankful for the kidness we showed. It was the first time that they had ever had to say good-bye to a furr baby, and very sad for them.

Sometimes it gets worse first…

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Sometimes it gets worse first, then it gets way better! On Saturday night these 2 young men came in to our lounge to grab a drink and dinner to end a bad day. The lounge was packed so they waited at the standing area and had a beer. Right as their table was ready one of the men spilled his entire beer all over the place. He was pretty bummed out about making a mess and spilling his beer but we assured him it wasn’t a big deal and got him situated at his table with a new one. Upon Ashlie waiting on him, she discovered that the men just got back from a car repair shop because they had a tire blow out and had to get all new tires! They expressed how much they were ready for it to be tomorrow already. Ashlie felt that we couldn’t let them go home after such a bad day and in a bad mood, so she asked to pick up their tab. I went over and explained to them that the bill was on us and how they can Pay It Forward and they were beyond grateful and more than willing to pay ti forward!

Impressed from Texas

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I waited on a sweet gentleman tonight who was in town for work for a few days, up from Texas. He was very impressed with our menu selection and how great everything was A-Z. He had been in once before and tried our seafood, which is actually what made him come back in tonight. He had the fishmans platter, and again raved about the seafood. He mentioned haddock not being a big thing down south, but said it has quickly become his new favorite thing!! I presented him with a gift certificate to come back one more time on us to try something else on the menu, so he could go back to Texas and rave about New England seafood! I also gave him a RAK to pass along to someone on his final days visiting, which he said he would pass along in hopes someone else tries the seafood just as he did.

For Sophie

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Tonight we had a party of 9 join us with a family that is so much of a regular their NYE resolution was to eat at home more and not spend as much at T-Bones. They are loved by all who work here, from Management to servers to kitchen. Each XMas they start a Burl paybacks plan and buy employees a drink who wish for one. Our kids are now friends from dining frequently at the same time! It was Steve Burl’s Bday (dad) and mechanic to half our staff. They came in with a couple other couples and their kids (6, 14, 17). The youngest sophia gets a little rambunctious sitting amongst the adults sometimes so to let them enjoy converation I took the little one at the end with me for a few minutes. She was bored of doing checkouts and asking what the charts were, she wanted to take care of guests so I thought it would be a great Random Act of Kindness moment. (yes I did one earlier but a great moment for a little one to learn the value of making someone’s day). There were a handful of tables dining in the lounge so I said look around and pick any table you want to do something nice for and we will go make them smile. She picked a group of 3 younger/older people (20’s) and we walked up and said our little Random Act of Kindness speech and that it was Sophie’s choice to ask your table to pay it forward. They were so excited and talked to Sophie for a few minutes during this time the table next to them recognized Sophie from her Dad’s shop on 102 and said what a great family they were and then started talking to Sophie as well! She was so popular now 🙂 Funny how she was doing something nice for someone else and another person recognized her because she had pulled into their gas station/shop and one of the young kids fixed her tire for her and she thought it was just so wonderful. They said the Burl Family is just so kind and fantastic. Very fitting!!

Standing by our guests

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Christie let me know she was waiting on a guest that may need a little extra strength in her corner this week. A woman ordered a beer rather excitedly and later noted it was her last one for the week. She divulged she was going in for Chemo tomorrow and asked if we could do something nice. “Of course we can”!! I didn’t know how sensitive a subject was and try to be discreet around other guests when I RAK someone with a personal matter so when they were wrapping up I went over and said “I heard you may need a little extra strength in your corner this week”. With a big smile on her face she nodded rather excitedly and tipped her beer in agreement. I told her Christie shared it with me and that I wanted her to have something to look forward to when she was done with Chemo. So we issued her a $50 GC and said please come enjoy some Blue Moons and know we are in her corner. She thanked me and said “its about time this Cancer paid off, I’ll definitely come enjoy them when I can”. Her positive energy and strength was inspiring I hope she kicks Cancer’s ass!!!!

Paying it Forward

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Kayla and Sam came to me about an experience with their tables. A gentlemen was in dining alone and saw two women celebrating a birthday. He had seen me go over during the meal to give one a GC as she had ordered a Chicken Platter and had actually wanted a Country Chicken and she was very pleased. He wanted to do something nice for the ladies and picked up their tab. So of course we wanted to do something nice for him and continue the pay it forward theme. We gave him a GC to come back and get a dinner on us which he was thankful but unmoved by the action. What he was actually happy about was that I asked him to continue his positive vibes after he left our store and give another person a RAK on us with a pay it forward GC. That he thought was “really cool!” and “awesome that our company has this movement”

Happy Mama and kiddos!

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Tonight Scott (server) had a table with a mom and 2 young chilren. The children were beyond behaved. They were so excited and happy to be out with mom for dinner. This family made a big impression on Scott. I agreeded they would be a great family to make try to make their day. We bought their tab and gave them a RAK certificate to pass on. The woman was moved to tears.

Happy Anniversary!

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Tom and Martha have become regulars at TB in Salem and CD in Salem as they have recently (within the last 6 months) moved up to Salem from their longtime home in Reading MA. Yesterday was their 46th wedding anniversary and they chose T-BONES for their dinner.  We surprised them with taking care of their meals and I bought them a round of drinks on me!   They were overwhelmed by our generosity and were looking forward to paying it forward to someone!

What an amazing young boy

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This afternoon we had a little boy come into T-Bones after having a very unique Birthday.  He had just come from CHAD in Lebanon. For HIS birthday, he donated all of his birthday presents to the childrens hospital. This selfless act from a 9 year old young man inspired Catherine to invite me to get involved. Of course, how could we not show CJ  how one good deed deserves another. We picked up their tab and asked him to keep spreading the good and to select someone of his choosing to receive a Random Act of Kindness. CJ left us a little handwritten thank you and left smiling from ear to ear. We told him how proud he should be of such a wonderful thing to do and hope to see him again

End the week Random

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I often find RAK’s that have meaning and are dear to our guests and extended TBones family. I tried to be more Random this week and continued with my Random theme with a very young couple that were seated in the lounge. I don’t believe they were old enough to drink but were dining together for quite some time. I wanted to impress on a young generation to do something completely random and encourage them to do the same. They were of course grateful and didn’t quite know what to say but left with a mix of shock and excitement so hopefully will take advantage of our kind guesture and pay it forward to keep the vibe going. -END RAK week but keep it going 🙂