pharmacy school here he comes

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Tonight a family was out sending off their son as he embarks on his first adventure in New York attending school for pharmacology. I’ve seen some pretty surprised and grateful people over the times i’ve done a RAK, but this family was so overly enthusiastic and wow’d. We made them speechless and giddy with their experience tonight. It was adorable to witness.

96 and going strong

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We had two young ladies dining in the restaurant the other day. Every Wednesday one of the ladies tends to this older woman as a visiting service. She asks her each week where would you like to go today and without hesitation she declares T-Bones. So of course, especially  when you turn 96 years old there is no option but to honor her request. So the two enjoyed a great meal. Danika took wonderful care of her and we just had to give her an even better Bday by purchasing their meals. They left looking forward to sharing the GC we gave her and she said don’t worry i’ll be back next Wednesday.

sweet little lady sick of it all

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The other day I had an older woman come in to dine by herself. I led her to her seat and could tell she was looking to “vent” a little. She had come from a funeral earlier that day and didn’t want to go home just yet. Her son, who happens to be the same age as me, lives at her home with his girlfriend and a combined 3 kids between the two. They don’t help her out, kids don’t help her out, and they don’t pay any rent. She is still taking care of “everyone”. She continued to tell me how proud my mother must be that I have it so together…..(little does she know- i’m a hot mess between my hours and kids schedules hahahaha) Needless to say, I sat with her for a few minutes and let her talk. She thanked me for my time and was so grateful for some company. Kris took great care of her. I let him know ahead of time I wanted to make her day so he doted on her and made her feel extra special. He and I went over to share the good news. I told her she deserved to let people take care of her every once in awhile and our great GNHR family allows us to do just that. I asked her to keep on with the kindness and pay it forward to someone she wishes. With tears in her eyes she hugged me. blessed me asked my name so she could pray for me. We definitely impressed this kind woman and made her day

Good Intentions

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The other night two young men were out enjoying a few drinks.  When the time came for the bill to be paid, one of the young men had found he did not have his credit card. The other had $40 on him but this young man was clearly distraught, embarrassed, and panicked over not knowing where it was. He tried to pay what he could and asked if he could call in with his card if he was able to find it. He lived nearby and wanted to make good on the bill. I told him to keep the cash. If he was unable to locate the card I didn’t want him without any money in his pocket and let him know he could reach me by phone. He called less than 15 minutes later and said he had his brother’s credit card and could pay for it. I was impressed by this young man’s integrity and need to do the right thing. His little brother could pay for the majority of the tab but not all of it. At this time I told him “you know what, I’m really happy you are trying to do the right thing and because of our company’s desire to share Random Acts of Kindness, I am in the position to do something for you tonight and alleviate at least some stress by taking care of the tab”. He just couldn’t believe it. The two boys were on the phone together and just couldn’t stop thanking me and apologizing for not coming out prepared. He continued to offer to pay when he found it and really wanted to make good on the debt but I assured him that it was a clean slate and he could rest easy about it.  I asked him to share the Act of Kindness and Pay it Forward. That’s when I could hear the sincerity when they both thanked me and said “You know what? This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen and it’s really an incredible feeling, honestly. Thank you.”

New Daddy

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Last night Aidan took a takeout order over the phone from a new dad who was coming in to grab food for himself and his wife. He asked me if there was anything we could do for him as he was elated and couldn’t wait to share he had just had a baby! I asked Aiden to call him back and see if we could interest them in some desserts. When he came in to pick up his food I surprised him with a dining certificate so he and his wife could come out to dinner when they could get a babysitter and have some time to themselves. He was incredibly appreciative to have his special day made even better!

Started Something Big

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Yesterday we RAK’d a family who’s been going through some tough times. A member of their family has a terminal disease and is being treated for a blood infection. This has been an ongoing series of treatments in and out of the hospital for a variety of reasons related to cancer. When the family came in yesterday we wanted to spread some light into their world since they had spent the day at the hospital. We bought their dinner and then presented them with a few Gift Cards that they could share with those they wanted to thank or just shed some light to their day as we had theirs. Today they came in and bought $500 worth of gift certificates so they could thank the people surrounding their family members care and have been sharing them at the hospital. They wanted to keep going what we started. What a pretty big set of events we put in motion.

Childhood Sweethearts

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We had a couple in celebrating their anniversary and from the moment they walked in they shared their story and love for each other. When they shared their story with Danika she came bouncing in to me and asked if we could please RAK this couple. They shared 43 years of marriage and additional years of courting. The wife had brought a quilt she made for her husband who was doting over his loving wife and thoughtful gift. So we let them enjoy their time together and then went over to share more positive vibes. I shared my envy of the time they have shared and wished them many years more of happiness and well being when I told them they had their bill paid for. They hugged me and continued to share their story as they were leaving the building. It was then that I learned they had been together since they were 19 years old and ironically their siblings had married each other and were celebrating over 30 years together!  We can only ever hope to share that many years of love 🙂

Good Deed Done Double

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A woman was dining by herself and couldn’t pay for her bill. She thought the card she had with her would cover the cost and said she had forgotten her purse. Well her card declined so the server discreetly gave her a Gift Card to pay for her bill. After we had taken care of things her friend brought her her purse. She in turn bought someone else’s dinner to show thanks for our gracious act so we gave her a RAK card to come back to continue the kindness

turned her day around

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Jenny approached me after becoming aware that a woman at her table clearly was in distress. Two women were waiting for the third and fourth person to join their table.  A highchair awaited one of them. After a short while a woman joined the party in tears. We don’t know the complete dynamics of what happened before she joined her friends but she wasn’t able to have her child with her tonight and Jenny overheard she wasn’t sure she could join her friends for dinner clearly stressed about payment for her meal. We wanted to do something to make her day and allow her some moments of happiness regardless of how brief they were. We decided to give her a GC to use tonight and one to join us again. She broke down in tears hugging Jenny and let us know that it was truly a remarkable thing we were doing because she couldn’t begin to express how terrible she felt in life at this time. The women left Jenny a wonderful note expressing how we turned someone’s day around and made an impression we aren’t able to even comprehend.

half a lifetime

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Two guests dined in last night enjoying each other’s company and taking their time. One of our newer employees had sparked up a conversation with them while taking care of the couple and learned they were out celebrating 15 years !!!! we offered them dessert on the house for their anniversary which that alone they were touched. Once finished their dining experience I went over to congratulate them and show my admiration for spending half their lifetime with each other as I’m only on my five year anniversary. I wished them many more wonderful years and then let them know we took care of their bill. They were astounded and grateful