Kindness at it’s best

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Today we witnessed a true moment of kindness in Derry. We have two gentlemen who frequent our restaurant. They live in an assisted environment. Most people turn their nose up to them as they do not wash, wear dirty clothes and are what  most people would consider lower class of society. They often come in with change simply for a bowl of chili or a burger and get nothing else often only one eating at a time and do not tip. I can imagine how they are often treated and it is sad, but today was a different story. Today a kind woman wanted to do something nice for them. Something they don’t often receive I am sure. She bought their lunch anonymously. In return I bought hers’. She held my hand with tears in her eyes at her surprise to our kindness and what a great company we are for having such a great program. She just felt like it was the right thing to do. 🙂

First time out

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this is from a few days ago….. My mother has a dear friend battling kidney cancer. She has been going through many rounds of chemotherapy and my parents took her out for the first time to TBones. She has been very ill and weak and self conscious about losing her hair but the other day she felt strong enough to go out in public and chose our establishment. At the end of the meal i came over and said “in honor of your first day out i would like to pay for your dinner and give you a gift certificate for the next time you feel well enough to come out again”. In tears we parted and she’s been talking about it ever since to all she speaks with.

completely Random

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Tonight i selected a completely random table with three older/elderly ladies enjoying a few drinks and dinner together. Two were sisters with a friend joining them and I just knew I made their night randomly choosing them. They had been dining for awhile just enjoying each other’s company when I approached their table. I could tell they were apprehensive why I was stopping over but immediately taken aback with delight that we had such a program and look forward to paying it forward with the Gift Certificate provided.

Accident in the lot

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Today a guest just arriving witnessed a hit and run. A young man and his mother were in the parking lot and saw a car shake and then saw the car drive away after backing into it. The rear bumper was hanging off the back of the car driving away while the witnesses called after the two young men. They were able to record part of the vehicle’s license plate. I found the owner of the damaged vehicle and brought the mom outside to call 911. She was dining with her father and two young boys. She had just picked up her dad from the airport. TBones was his favorite restaurant he used to dine with his late wife. Her dad had been traveling up to NH with his “lady companion” when she broke her pelvis and back and he had to leave her behind in Savannah in the hospital to have surgery and then flew to NH to see his daughter. She was so distraught as it had been just an awful day so far. When i told her i wanted to turn her day around with our RAK she cried, hugged me and thanked me profusely. She cried harder when I presented her with a $50 GC so she could take her dad out again during his visit on better circumstances as they had to abandon their meals and take what was left to go. The information the witnesses obtained was enough to identify the vehicle out of Auburn and luckily there was minimal damage to her car. I shared our RAK program one more time with the witnesses( and have fulfilled my RAK for next week)  as their acts had such a profound impact on the outcome of the accident. The police officer said their information alone was enough to identify the blue four door sedan late model toyota camry with the correct first 4 digits on the license plate. They were shocked and grateful and enjoyed a wonderful meal after being shook up and highly upset by what they witnessed and the pure lack of respect it took to drive away after hitting another car.

state champs

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a young girl and her very proud family joined us for dinner announcing that her team had just won the state championships!!!! I had delivered their food and her mom was still raving how proud she was so i visited them after they dined and shared our random act of kindness program. I purchased the young girls meal items and offered them a $50 GC to join us again and handed the girl a $25 RAK to present to someone of her choosing. I hope to see them again

masters degree RAK

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We had a family dining in celebration of a young woman’s achievement earning herself a Masters Degree from Colby- Sawyer. We bought her dinner and issued her a $50 gift certificate for her to dine in again and celebrate her new job position she is starting soon helping domestic violence victims.

mom and daughter for dinner

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My RAK this week went to a young girl dining with what i learned was her step mom. Just the two of them engaged in conversation which for a teenager is impressive. They were so honored to be chosen that Step-mom tipped her server the amount of the original tab!!! It was nice and refreshing to see a young person enjoying their time with not only an adult but a step parent. They were grateful and honored to be part of our RAK and impressed we have such a program 🙂

killing Cancer with kindness

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We have a young girl who comes into Derry probably a couple times a week and it appears she comes over after treatment. While the family hasn’t shared all the details about this girls’  illness, we do know she is undergoing treatments and comes in for two grilled cheese sandwiches after trips to the doctors and hospital and this beautiful little girl always has a smile on. I asked her if she could help me this week by sharing some kindness and finding someone of her choice to make them smile by giving someone one of our RAK dining certificates and I would buy her lunch.

Prom Date

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During a busy push a young man sat up front waiting for his hopeful prom date to finish enjoying her meal with her mother. He patiently sat waiting with a rose and chocolate in hand. At the end of their meal he came over and handed her the offerings asking for her to accompany him to the prom this spring. It was incredibly sweet and proved chivalry still exists this generation of young men. She accepted and he and his mom joined the mother and daughter for dessert. Our entire staff was so moved I couldn’t resist the opportunity to continue good vibes by paying their dinner and providing a RAK of their choice to pay it forward.

NH Teacher of the Year

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Tonight a guest was out with his parents to celebrate his nomination as New Hampshire’s Teacher of the Year award. He is well deserving for his dedication and commitment to changing the lives of children. I was honored to share our program and to pay forward his kindness by buying their dinner. He looks forward to coming full circle to pay it forward himself with our $25 GC