1 Day Too Late!

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Joe & Diane came in with their significant others. I had delivered their cups of soup and began to chat with them and they told me about how great their server, Scott, was. This was quite the fun group, they were having drinks and really just enjoying each others company and I had yet to see them stop talking. I then delivered their Fish & Chip dinners which each of them had. I started to realize that they must have come in for our 40 Day Fish Fry special, but they had just missed it by just one day. Just to confirm, I went back after I saw them finishing up to see how everything was and to ask what brought them in tonight? They were telling me how amazing our soups are, our service is always wonderful, our fish is better than any seafood restaurant around, and for all those reasons they came in. Then they said they were really looking forward to catching the 40 Day Fish Fry special before it ended. I told them that I had assumed that’s what they were looking for &  apologized that they missed the special. I then told them I had something even better for them- Dinner on us! I explained the Random Act of Kindness promotion and they were thrilled. I received a hand shake, a hug, and a sincere ‘Thank You’ from each of them. They really love T-BONES; visit multiple times a week, and this just exceeded any of their expectations. They look forward to paying it forward and spreading the word about what we’re doing here at T-BONES!

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