Fellow Hunters

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a family come in back in October who have a love for hunting like myself. We exchanged stories and talked about our plans for hunting trips during the fall. They came in tonight and recognized me immediately. First thing they asked was how the hunting trip was. I told them all about it. We had a few good laughs and joked about them going up the next trip. I gave them a Gift Certificate to use on their next visit and a Pay It Forward to give to someone else. Great Family and Lots of Fun.

Lobster Lover

GNHR T-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Recently, a woman came in and was so overly excited to see that we had Lobster back on our Summer Menu. She couldn’t contain it! I thought her and her guest would be great people to Pay it Forward to. Turns out, this was the last day of her 3 day field trip with middle schoolers and she came here to relax and celebrate. She definitely deserved her lobster roll!


GNHR T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

I forgot to post my story from last week. I will first thank Christie and Angela for suggesting the perfect guest to RAK. I wound up giving my RAK to Shirley. She is a regular guest at T-Bones in Derry, and has been for the past several years. She used to come in every week with her husband who was in a wheelchair. She had not been in for several weeks, and when she returned, she let Chrisite and Angela, who wait on her often know that her husband had passed away. I introduced myself, and let her know that she was my pick for the Random Act of Kindness for the week. She was very thrilled, and let me know that it was her first visit to T-BONES since her husband had passed away. It took her several weeks to build up the courage to come back in to a place that she loves, but is now dining alone. She will no doubt Pay it Forward, and will be back regularly, even though it hurts her heart.

Girl Scouts

GNHR RAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Saturday night a very tired mom and her 2 girls came in for dinner.  They just spent 10 hours at Girl Scout Camp. Who better to PIF than a couple of Girl Scouts. I bought their dinner and explained PIF.  They couldn’t be more excited. Their mom and I talked for a few. They were a very nice family and they promised me they would be back to share their story with me!

Lots of Love for Locks of Love!

GNHR T-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

April and Todd are very regular guests here at Hudson T-BONES.  We are even friends on Facebook!  Today I noticed via Facebook that April had cut her hair and donated (4) separate locks of hair to Locks of Love.  When I saw them at the bar tonight I had to do something nice for her!  I was going to take care of their meals but quickly found out they had already eaten and were just in for some cocktails and good cheer!  Instead I gave them a $50 gift certificate for a return visit and the Pay It Forward.  They were thrilled!  Even posting it and tagging me at the same time.  I know they will find the right person to give it to!

10 Year Anniversary!

GNHR Cactus Jack's Manchester Leave a Comment

My Random Act of Kindness went to Lesley & Thomas. They are frequent customers of my old home, T-BONES Hudson, but tonight they decided to take a drive and come visit Cactus Jack’s! They were here to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. These two were so sweet! This was actually their second marriage and they both never thought they would find love again. Thomas said after a year of chasing Lesley, she finally agreed to going on a date with him! 10 years later they’re madly in love and you can totally tell! They were so excited to have been chosen as my RAK & they knew exactly who they were going to give their Pay it Forward certificate to!

Paying it Forward Without Even Knowing It!

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Today i decided to pay it forward to some guests that paid it forward to me! A group of four was in our lobby waiting for their fifth person, and they where a spicy little group at that. I began to joke around and chit chat with them. They made my day by just being friendly funny people, it made me feel like I was at home with all my boys. I told them when someone can make me feel at home at work and make me laugh so hard that I start to cry I have to do something for them. I have never seen these guest before but I am hoping this experience brings them back to enjoy another visit and to also help put smiles on other servers faces like they did with me! Personalities can pay it forward on there own and I am beyond glad this group was full of personality and I was able to experience it!