Doctor’s Visit

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Had a regular come in today with her daughter. I went over to say hello and learned that the daughter had just come from a Doctor’s appointment and that they were both upset and not having the greatest day. I visited with them for a bit and got them both laughing and could tell their T-Bones visit was already making their day brighter. At the end of their meal when I explained the Random Act of Kindness, and told them that today they were my RAK, and lunch was on us, they couldn’t stop smiling and saying thank you. They were both super happy and kept saying how I/T-Bones, had made their day so much better. I gave them a Pay It Forward Certificate and they couldn’t wait to pass it along to someone else.

A Great Birthday Present To A Great Couple!

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Tonight I decided to do a Random Act of Kindness to these wonderful folks Mario and Louise. Every time they are here they are so happy and such a fun loving couple. Mario told me it was his birthday and I knew he needed a present from us. Thank you for being such valued guests to us and we look forward to seeing you again. He is so happy to Pay It Forward to someone of his choosing.

Reg’s Birthday

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Hey a guest come in tonight who visits us in Bedford quite often. She always has a whole group of her fellow employees with her and she is always a blast to talk to and joke around with. Tonight was her birthday so I decided to RAK her for her birthday. She was so thankful and kept thanking me and T-Bones for doing that for her. They stuck around and celebrated and had so much fun. Awesome birthday gift she said.

Veteran Discount

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Tonight Deana had a young couple who had asked if they could receive the Tuesday Veteran 25% off discount. Since I couldn’t provide the discount for them, I told Deana that we would RAK them and take care of their check instead. They were so grateful for the nice gesture & will be sure to pay it forward 🙂

19th Wedding Anniversary

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Taylor had approached me about his table being out for lunch to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. They had made a joke to him about how this was how people celebrate their 19th anniversary when they have children. Taylor and I thought it would be perfect to RAK them & hook them up with a generous gift certificate to come back and celebrate without any distractions. They couldn’t believe it when we told them what we were doing. They actually had Taylor take a picture with them so they could share with their friends 🙂

New Regulars !

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A regular couple were in the other day with another couple I didn’t recognize, so when I stopped by to say hi, we got into conversation.  They told me, Judy (new guest), was having a rough time lately so they wanted to take her out to lunch and spend time together.  It turns out she had just lost her father and her dog was sick and she had to make the decision to put him down…I went back to the table with a generous GC and the RAK certificate, and when I explained it all she burst into happy tears and got up and gave me a big hug-it was AWESOME!  Love doing these..

2-years Cancer free!! =)

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Nancy came and told me about a possible RAK candidate. It was an older lady who had been celebrating 2 years cancer free. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do something kind for her. Nancy and I went over to the table and explained the Random Act Of Kindness. We bought her desserts and gave her a 100$ gift card for her next visit. We also gave her the  25$ RAK certificate to give away to a random stranger. The lady was so taken back she was in tears. She was also celebrating her hair growing back. It made her night and it made Nancy and I extremely happy to be able to do something nice for her. She said she will be back again soon!

Thank You For Your Service!

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This is a post both for August 12, 2016 & August 14, 2016. On Friday I had a couple come in for dinner. It was their first night out since her husband came back from basic training. She has been home with their four year old daughter while he was gone for eleven weeks. When I went over and told them their entire dinner was on us, they both started to tear up. They were so appreciative and couldn’t wait to pay it forward. This evening Katie had a walk-in party of eight come in for dinner to celebrate their son’s return from Afghanistan. He has been gone for a year and this morning was his return. We bought his dinner as a welcome back but also as a thank you for his service. He was beyond happy!!!!  🙂

Stormy Skies Finally Clear

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My RAK this evening went to a very deserving couple!!! They had planned a date night and it all went to ruin! First their babysitter bailed and then while on a motorcycle ride and it stormed so they were soaked when they finally arrived. When they stopped, the restaurant they went to was closing. They called and asked if we were still open, and were pleasantly surprised when we were. We brought them a couple blankets, and we bought their dinner and dessert! They were so very grateful!! To have a bummer night turn into a great one was just what they needed!! They raved about the food and service!! Tina made their night!!  When I told them to pass it on they were so happy to oblige!! Today was their second time in and vow it won’t be the last!! It was so great to have made their night!!  

Honeymoon Friends

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Today’s RAK went to two couples who were here celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. The couples met on their honeymoons 25 years ago, became friends and have been part of each other’s lives ever since! Their children became friends, they do frequent visits and continue to get together on their yearly anniversary, now that’s a true friendship!! I hope to see them again next year!