First Timers

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I forgot to post my RAK story from last week. On Saturday night, Amanda let me know that we had a party in the lounge that were at T-Bones for the first time. Bob and Trudy live in the Portsmouth area, but were in our area visiting friends, and decided to go out to eat before returning home. They were very impressed with T-Bones, and said that they think a T-Bones in the Portsmouth area would do great. I have no doubt that they will take the time to PIF.

On the road again

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This weeks RAK went to Denise and Joshua, a couple whose house in undergoing major renovations due to some “plumbing issues”. They have spent the last week in a rented RV and will have to do the same this week because, you know, contractors  always meet their deadlines, haha.  They both work in Concord all week, so its not so much an adventure as they would like it to be, but they are making due this weekend. I bought their dinners, gave them a GC so when they make it back down next weekend they can hopefully celebrate sleeping in their own beds.

kids RAK

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Tonight I saw a couple I knew from high school. I was friends with Julie and my brother was friends with George. They fell in love hanging out with our mutual friends and have been together for over 20 years with two boys and a girl. I have been seeing them and their kids in Derry since I started 12 years ago. Tonight I saw them with just their youngest child Izabelle and approached them about our Random Act of Kindness program and asked “Izzie” if she wanted to help her mom and dad find someone they wanted to surprise with a Random Act of Kindness. She immediately got excited and wanted to pay back the Kindness immediately. She found a family with kids right here in our store and presented our $25 GC to a surprised family that was grateful for her generosity. She felt really proud of herself and thanked me for letting her do something nice for someone else.

Love is in the air <3

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Tonight we had a newly engaged couple (as of today) come in to dine with us. Nancy approached me  letting me know and suggested that they should be my RAK tonight. She told me how sweet they were, and how in loved they seemed. They did not order a dessert so we presented them with our feature cupcake of the month with a Congratulations on it!! Just that made them smile ear to ear. When I then told them that their ENTIRE dinner was on us it brought tears to her eyes. Both of them were so thankful 🙂

Brady’s Return

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So, since it was the return of Tom Brady. I gave my RAK to Bob and Claudette, who came in to the dining room wearing A Brady and A Gronk jersey, They were thrilled. I took up their tab, and they were excited to Pay it Forward.

Just Moved In (Sullivan Family)

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Tonight Trisha approached me about a table that was new to town and heard so much about our wonderful restaurant. Her oldest son is in eighth grade and he has heard from his new friends that we are the best restaurant ever!!!!! The family moved to Derry the day before school started and has been tight on money but with the mother’s Dad in town and brother they felt the special occasion deserved a night out and had to try this place, TBones, they have heard so much about. Colleen (mom) introduced me to her daughter a sophomore, two sons (7th and 8th grade) and her oldest daughter who left for college in Wisconsin they day they moved in. I approached the table to welcome them to town and tell them about our great Random Act of Kindness program and presented them with a $50 Gift Certificate to enjoy our great food and let them worry a little less about their evening out. After tears and goosebumps Colleen hugged me tightly with tears of joy committing themselves to a lifetime of visits here in Derry. I then asked Trisha to order them 2 samplers to send to me. I delivered their food and checked on them to see how they were enjoying their experience and the boys thanked me endlessly saying they had the best meal. Fortunately Dad picked up the bill allowing them to  hold onto their $50 GC and visit us again! They can’t wait to come back and can’t wait to surprise a new neighbor with our $25 GC and their Random Act of Kindness

political RAk

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Tonight I gave our Random Act of Kindness to a couple who frequents our Derry store multiple times a week and has since we opened. She also served as a council member in Derry for  many years so I know she will spread great word of our program and was surprised she didn’t know if it sooner. She is also a customer we have won back from a period when she felt like we weren’t performing up to par so this was a great way to show her some positive things we do with our great company.  She looks forward to spreading kindness with her GC.

Police Protection

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Today we had some police officers from Manchester dining with us, Steve and Stephanie.  They along with many other departments around the state were in Hudson for officer training.  They took time to dine with us for lunch.  I chatted with them a bit and explained what we do and thanked them for their service.  I picked up their tab and gave each of them a Pay It Forward certificate.  They were really blown away by our gesture.

Truly Random

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I did my RAK last night and it was truly just a Random table.  I asked one of the servers to go in the dining room and pick someone.  She picked a couple sitting outside of her station.  We went over to the table and they were very surprised.  They had never heard of that and honestly seemed a little confused.  We joked with party for a few minutes and I think we got us some new regulars!

Tea Party!!!

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We had a family of five come in for lunch because they LOVEEE the Tea Forte. The Mom raved to Alyssa about how much they love the tea and thats why they keep coming back. They asked Alyssa where they might be able to purchase a set of there own. Alyssa then came to me and we both decided to choose them for a RAK. I set up a whole package with two tea pitchers, two of each flavor tea we carry, even the little trays to put the tea bags on. When we presented them to her she was almost in tears. We definitely made her day! 🙂