Brighten Someone Else’s Day!

GNHR Copper Door 1 Comment

One of our regulars, Joe, recently lost his father. He decided to take his elderly mother out for dinner at the Copper Door. She has been very sad and lonely so he wanted to make it special. As soon as we heard the news, we wanted to help in anyway we could. We did a RAK on him this evening. We bought their entire dinner and gave them a gift card to come back. They were both touched and it brought a smile to their face. They both hugged me and are going to find someone to pass on the Random Act of Kindness.

Taking Care of our Friends!

GNHR T-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Had a young couple, Eric and Marisella, out with their son.  Unfortunately there was another table talking rather loud about our current political escapades.  Marisella was upset about some of the comments and asked to move to a table so they didn’t have to hear them anymore.  Upon learning of this I went over and took care of their tab.  Marisella was brought to tears and thanked us for our kindness.  They will be back and said that this would not deter them from recommending our restaurant!

Beating Breast Cancer

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On Sunday I was working in cocktail. I walked by the bar and a gentlemen had a fresh tattoo..I stopped by and asked to see it.  He showed me it was a pink ribbon with the word survivor underneath it and a beautiful flower arrangement around it.  His name was Wayne and his friend’s name was Jess. She is a five year survivor from breast cancer.  I finished talking to them and high fiving her. I had tears in my eyes and I knew I had to show the a random act of kindness. I gave them a 25.00 GC to come back again and asked them to share the kindness to someone else. They were very excited to do so.

Let’s Gooooooooooo! TB 12 :)

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Tonight there was a girl, Gabby out with her mom, Jamie having dinner.  Gabby (4 y/o) had a Tom Brady shirt on.  I stopped to chat with her for a moment and she was as cute as could be.  Gabby has “several” TB shirts in her closet and has worn one every day this week. I presenter her the Pay It Forward and explained what it is.  She said “I am going to find someone when we go shopping”.  She is excited for the game – as am I!

A Little “Pick Me Up”!

GNHR T-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Pamela is a somewhat regular who comes in from time to time just to get some broth only French Onion Soup.  She is such a frail woman who has been going thru some medical issues for quite some time.  Treatments, medications, etc. has really taken a toll on her physically and mentally (just wants to give up).  We took care of her takeout today (with my host Jamie) which immediately brought tears from her.  She couldn’t thank us enough and gave hugs before leaving.  This simple gesture made her day a little brighter.