Double the Celebration!

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Tonight we had a couple (and two of their sons) in for dinner this evening.  I was informed that not only were they celebrating their anniversary (19 years) but one of them has just opened up a new pet store here in Hudson!  We made them our RAK for the night and took care of their tab.  The husband was totally blown away.  The kids are looking forward to paying it forward real soon!

killing Cancer with kindness

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

We have a young girl who comes into Derry probably a couple times a week and it appears she comes over after treatment. While the family hasn’t shared all the details about this girls’  illness, we do know she is undergoing treatments and comes in for two grilled cheese sandwiches after trips to the doctors and hospital and this beautiful little girl always has a smile on. I asked her if she could help me this week by sharing some kindness and finding someone of her choice to make them smile by giving someone one of our RAK dining certificates and I would buy her lunch.

Still Some Kindness

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

I had an elderly couple come into the lounge to grab a bite to eat. Looking around and seeing only hightop tables left, they began to try to climb into the seats. A family sitting at a close by booth saw what was going on and immediately jumped into action. The mother asked if they would like to switch and that they would be willing to give up their booth and move their food and drinks to the hightop in order to let the couple have their spot. The couple was in shock that a complete stranger would do such a thing. Right at that moment, one of the other booths got up, so I intervened, and explained to the older couple that i would have a booth cleared for them in a matter of seconds and get them into it. They were thankful and got them in right away. I then returned to the table who had so graciously offered their booth with a Gift Certificate and explained that there are not enough kind people left in the world, that I was thankful for the gesture they had made to the couple. I gave them the Gift Certificate and a Pay it Forward certificate as well, and told them to continue to be kind to people and give a gift on us to someone else. They were so happy and thankful.

Lost But Not Forgotten

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

The T-Bones family recently lost a restaurant regular. A gentleman by the name of Wilbur Perkins has been a regular and frequent guest at our Bar here at T-Bones of Bedford for many years. He always sat in the same seat, unless someone else beat him to it which was seldom, the same drink, and the same personality every visit. Our bar staff knew him better than anyone and saw him truly as a member of the family. He had a caregiver who was always with him to help him from day to day. Her name is Heather and she is an amazing person as well. Today Heather was in after his service, probably where Wilbur would have wanted to go too, and had dinner with her significant other Sean. I took care of their tab and told her that the T-Bones family was truly sorry for her loss. She was very thankful. Wilbur may not be back to visit us, however we will always see his face at seat one everyday.

Sunday Night RAK

GNHRRAK 1 Comment

This past Sunday night my RAK went to 2 ladies in the lounge. Kim and Amanda. I know them both from my local Salem breakfast place. Amanda is a Bedford T-Bones regular, and Kim is a Derry regular. They were in Sunday night on a girls night out, so I picked up their appetizer, and gave Kim a GC for her next visit, and the RAK GC to give away. They are  both in the industry, and were very impressed with our random acts  of kindness.


GNHRCopper Door, RAK 1 Comment

Wess and Christy tied the knot tonight!! They chose Copper Door to celebrate this big life event!! I bought their dinners, and gave them a gift card to come back here on their 1 year anniversary!!!! Such a great feeling knowing you made someone’s day even better than it already was! Cheers Wess and Christy to a happy and healthy life!

Recruited & Ready

GNHRCactus Jack's Manchester 1 Comment

This afternoon we had a young family in enjoying a nice lunch on St. Patrick’s Day. After chatting with them, Barbara & I found out that they had quite the change coming their way in just a week! Dad was getting his last moments in with his family before heading off to the military. We hooked them up with lunch on us, along with a big thank you for the sacrifice their family was about to make for our freedom! They were very thankful 🙂

Hug me I’m Irish! (Birthday) :)

GNHRRAK 1 Comment

Kim and Jason came in today for their first time to celebrate Kim’s Birthday. They were blown away by how great the food was and told Katie they couldn’t wait to come back with their friends. When I went over to tell them I had chosen them to be my RAK it brought tears to Kim’s eyes. Then to top it off we delivered a cupcake with a birthday message written on the plate. She hugged both Katie and I thanking us for making her birthday so special.

Thanking those who serve our community!

GNHRT-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Tonight my RAK went to a local Police officer that came in for take out. When it was brought to my attention who he was, he had already paid for his food. But I still wanted to do something nice for him. I gave him a $25 gift certificate for himself along with the RAK. He was very happy to be the recipient and pay it forward!

Prom Date

GNHRT-BONES Derry 1 Comment

During a busy push a young man sat up front waiting for his hopeful prom date to finish enjoying her meal with her mother. He patiently sat waiting with a rose and chocolate in hand. At the end of their meal he came over and handed her the offerings asking for her to accompany him to the prom this spring. It was incredibly sweet and proved chivalry still exists this generation of young men. She accepted and he and his mom joined the mother and daughter for dessert. Our entire staff was so moved I couldn’t resist the opportunity to continue good vibes by paying their dinner and providing a RAK of their choice to pay it forward.