Grieving Mother <3

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On Wednesday evening, a solo women named Eileene  came in and sat in the lounge.  She was working on some homework, and began to tell Tina that she was doing some book work for her Grieving Mothers class she is taking.  She informed us that her daughter was killed in a hit and run accident 5 years ago, she was only 15 years old.  As most of you know, my son passed away at the age of 1.5 on January 5 2013.  I immediately felt the need to go over and talk with this women.  I introduced myself and told her a little bit about myself and told her that we shared something in common, that we both had lost a child.  I told Eileene that I wanted to do a random act of kindness for her.  Eileene was so grateful for this because she actually hands out random act of kindness cards for her daughter, Sophia.  We hugged and shed a few tears together, we decided that  we were both in the same building at the same time for a reason. <3<3<3 This one really hit home for me, and I was SO happy I got to do this one!!!! <3 Nikki C    

Newly Engaged!

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Tonight we had a couple that had just gotten engaged today! They were so in love with each other they had to sit on the same side of the table! They were more than thrilled and beyond appreciative that we covered the bill for them and they were loving the “Pay it Forward” gift card. It was so awesome to make their special day even more special for them!

Beat Two Cancers at Once

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Had a woman and her nurse come in for lunch today with amazing news. They shared with their server, Zach, that they had just come from the hospital where she was told she had beaten both her lung cancer and brain tumors. They were celebrating with Cosmos and Martinis. I sat and talked with them for a little while and listened to her amazing triumph story. She explained that she stayed optimistic through the whole process which is why she believes she beat the cancers. She said her optimism and being positive is what kept her going and ultimately beat the cancer that was supposed to kill her. She had overcome stage four lung cancer. I bought their lunches and they were tickled that our company allows us to do things like this. They were very grateful. Gave them a Pay It Forward and a hug.

Visiting With Grandma

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Had a table with two ladies at it tonight. Turned out to be a Grandmother and her Grand Daughter. Grandma is up visiting for the first time ever from Puerto Rico. The Grand Daughter decided to take her out to lunch and they picked T-Bones. It was the first visit for both of them. I was able to sit and visit for a little while and talk about life after the storm and how it’s going in terms of rebuilding. As the two of them started arguing about who was paying for lunch, I snuck in and told them we had already picked up the check. They were both very excited and very thankful. Gave them a Pay It Forward as well to give to someone else.

Pastor present

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Tonight I happened to notice someone in the dining room who I hadn’t seen there before but who I have been getting to know . He is a Pastor at a church in Nashua. I know this man has helped me in my life and helped me stay on the right path. He has helped my sister find strength in herself when she felt she had none left. There sat a man who asks of nothing and gives all he has/can to help others. Well tonight I decided we could do a small favor for him. Their bill wasn’t large but their gratitude was. I told him. “I know how many people you help on a daily basis and I know you may have reservations on letting me,  I would like to take care of your meal tonight. It would make my night to say thank you on behalf of all the good you do and people you help without even realizing it”. ~Thank you Pastor Paul~

First Timers

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Tonight my parents came in for dinner and while waiting for their table, found themselves chatting with a family that was visiting T-bones for the first time. My dad knew of our RAK program and suggested I check on them and see how they were enjoying their first time. By his description, I found the family and made a few “drive by” interactions and knew by chance they had a fantastic waitress that wow’d them.At one point I noticed the dad with the T-bones in hand, gnawing on the inside of the bone and was happy to see him enjoying his meal lol! I also noticed the couple interacting with their ten year old son and having great conversation which is always nice to see. No phones out at the  table just great conversation. So Myranda and I approached the table at the end of their experience and shared a $50 GC for their next time in hopes of gaining a new fan of our great establishment. They were thrilled and asked me to tell my dad he enjoyed chatting with him while waiting for their table. They will be back and look forward to paying it forward

Loss of a son

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Jamie was serving two lovely ladies today. When they got to chatting they realized that Jamie was a classmate of her son who passed a few years ago. The anniversary of his death is approaching. Jamie asked to RAK them so we paid for the meal. They live on the seacoast and said they try to get over this way as much as possible to dine at T-bones. I also gave them a GC so now they have a reason to come see us again soon! They were floored that we did this and thrilled to Pay it forward! Tears in their eyes, they hugged both Jamie and myself.