Paying it Forward

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Kayla and Sam came to me about an experience with their tables. A gentlemen was in dining alone and saw two women celebrating a birthday. He had seen me go over during the meal to give one a GC as she had ordered a Chicken Platter and had actually wanted a Country Chicken and she was very pleased. He wanted to do something nice for the ladies and picked up their tab. So of course we wanted to do something nice for him and continue the pay it forward theme. We gave him a GC to come back and get a dinner on us which he was thankful but unmoved by the action. What he was actually happy about was that I asked him to continue his positive vibes after he left our store and give another person a RAK on us with a pay it forward GC. That he thought was “really cool!” and “awesome that our company has this movement”

Happy Mama and kiddos!

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Tonight Scott (server) had a table with a mom and 2 young chilren. The children were beyond behaved. They were so excited and happy to be out with mom for dinner. This family made a big impression on Scott. I agreeded they would be a great family to make try to make their day. We bought their tab and gave them a RAK certificate to pass on. The woman was moved to tears.

Happy Anniversary!

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Tom and Martha have become regulars at TB in Salem and CD in Salem as they have recently (within the last 6 months) moved up to Salem from their longtime home in Reading MA. Yesterday was their 46th wedding anniversary and they chose T-BONES for their dinner.  We surprised them with taking care of their meals and I bought them a round of drinks on me!   They were overwhelmed by our generosity and were looking forward to paying it forward to someone!

What an amazing young boy

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This afternoon we had a little boy come into T-Bones after having a very unique Birthday.  He had just come from CHAD in Lebanon. For HIS birthday, he donated all of his birthday presents to the childrens hospital. This selfless act from a 9 year old young man inspired Catherine to invite me to get involved. Of course, how could we not show CJ  how one good deed deserves another. We picked up their tab and asked him to keep spreading the good and to select someone of his choosing to receive a Random Act of Kindness. CJ left us a little handwritten thank you and left smiling from ear to ear. We told him how proud he should be of such a wonderful thing to do and hope to see him again

End the week Random

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I often find RAK’s that have meaning and are dear to our guests and extended TBones family. I tried to be more Random this week and continued with my Random theme with a very young couple that were seated in the lounge. I don’t believe they were old enough to drink but were dining together for quite some time. I wanted to impress on a young generation to do something completely random and encourage them to do the same. They were of course grateful and didn’t quite know what to say but left with a mix of shock and excitement so hopefully will take advantage of our kind guesture and pay it forward to keep the vibe going. -END RAK week but keep it going 🙂  

Old Friends

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Today, I chose a table at random. I saw a couple of older ladies having a long leisurely lunch. I chose them. Sandy and Diane were very happy to hear about our random acts. They said that their lunch was delicious, and the they love T-Bones. I have no doubt that they will pay it forward.

An Old Friend

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Tonight Megan approached me about how one of her tables wanted to pay for another tables tab. The women explained that she went to high school with the other women sitting accross the dining room, and how close they used to be back in the day. She further told us that her friend was autistic, and how great it was to see how well she was doing after such a long time apart, and knowing how problematic highschool had been for her. She got emotional, and insisted on paying for the others tab. Me and Megan decieded to RAK both tables tonight. When we told the women we payed her friends tab, she got teary eyed, and her and her entire family were very thankful. She wasn’t expecting to get RAKed herself! When we further explained that we were also paying for her dinner, as a way of saying thank you for the kind gesture, her and her whole family were at a loss for words. The expressions on their faces were priceless, and their gratitude cannot be expressed in writing. The family thankes us immensely and told us they cannot wait to fmake someone elses day with the $25 gift card we gave them, to pay it forward. An amazing RAK at Derry T-Bones today!

In Memorium (RAK #4)

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Last week, we knew a family that visits Derry regularly was preparing to lose their mother. They expected her to pass last week. When they were in tonight, Ed Williams, his wife, sister, brother in law and son were dining and regretted to inform us that his mother had held on another week and was lost to them yesterday. Sorry to hear the news I thought it would be a good opportunity to continue my goal to complete RAK week. I offered my condolences and said we would like to do something nice to share our support and took care of the food items on their check. I then asked the two (brother and sister ) that had lost their mother to share a RAK certificate in honor of their mother and do something nice in her name. Some hugs and tears later, one had passed a RAK certificate along on their way out to another very regular and close family Steve and Sandy Burl and children Sophia and Sam. They also passed along the the Random Acts of Kindness (see next post)  The Williams’ were very grateful and overwhelmed with the love and support they felt from all of us and made sure to come see myself and Andre on their way out.

Share the love (paying it forward RAK during RAK week)

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After I made my RAK #4 of RAK week, I noticed one of our very very regular guests and good friends  (The Burl’s ) had a RAK certificate on their table tonight. Knowing they share everything about their experiences with me I knew I hadn’t heard about them being RAK’d. I had made an appearance at another table with a RAK and they immediately paid it forward in house with this family. One of our KM’s Dave Rocca made the Burl’s a special Bernaise Sauce for their steaks and when they heard he had made a special Meatloaf Dinner for another guest that was getting anxious, Steve Burl paid it forward twice and gave them their RAK certificate so they would be extra happy and patient knowing their meal was worth waiting for. I visited the table after their server had brought the surprise RAK over and checked on their created meal and without a doubt they were so very happy! It was Nice to see the RAK unfold a few times over stemming from a table that needed a little happiness in their day (see RAK #4)

It can’t be easy (rak #3)

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A few months ago, a family that is  long time regular visitors of Derry, lost their middle son to suicide. One of our servers, Amber, dated their oldest son, Tommy for many many years so she was extremely close to the family as were nearly all our bartenders. The loss of Joey was tremendous to this family and spread deeply throughout our store. When they visited Christie could tell his Mom had been crying and asked if I could do something. We made it very casual as to not stir up what was was already weighing on her but I went over and said I wanted to make a kind guesture to make them smile and ask them to do something nice for someone completely random with the same idea. I let them know I was hoping to keep up RAK week moving forward and hope she will come in to tell me their story. I said keep it on you and save it for when you want to pay it forward. Maybe on a really hard day she will remember she can do something completely random just for the sake of it and it will bring her happiness. It can’t be easy finding ways to make you smile when you don’t want to