A Little Help

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Had a couple come in tonight and the man was wearing a Squam Boats and Livery jacket. I asked him if he knew the family who owned it as I grew up with the owner’s son. He explained he lives in Ashland and works at Squam Boats. Having grown up in Holderness we began talking about the area and who we both knew and what not. They told me they frequent T-Bones Laconia as it is so close, so I asked what they are doing this far South. They went on to explain that they are staying at Catholic Medical Center, as their son, Noah, was born 12 weeks early. They explained that he is doing well and hopefully be released in the very near future. I immediately gave her a hug and shook his hand, telling them congratulations on the addition to their family and that my thoughts and prayers were with them. When I went on to explain that T-Bones was going to pay for their dinner they were so thankful and appreciative of how we would do that for them during this hard time. I gave them a Pay It Forward and they once again thought it was amazing that we would then let them help someone else. As they left I said a last goodbye and told them they need to bring Noah in and show him off when he’s ready.

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