A New Regular

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As I walked through the lounge tonight I noticed a man sitting at the Bar. A face that i’ve scene quite a bit lately.

I asked one the bartenders, if he knew his name. Tyler told me that his name is Joe. Come to find out  Joe has been here so often lately because his mother is in the Assisted living Facility near us. He’s been staying with her a couple times a week, and he confided in Tyler the she is now in the beginning stages of Hospice (so sad).  I decided to buy him dinner. He was very thankful, and asked why? As I explained how our RAK program works, and he started to get a little teary 🙁 Poor guy is definetly going through a lot! At least we could put a small smile on his face this evening! He didn’t say much, but sometimes even a small smile means a thousand words!



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