Accident in the lot

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Today a guest just arriving witnessed a hit and run. A young man and his mother were in the parking lot and saw a car shake and then saw the car drive away after backing into it. The rear bumper was hanging off the back of the car driving away while the witnesses called after the two young men. They were able to record part of the vehicle’s license plate. I found the owner of the damaged vehicle and brought the mom outside to call 911. She was dining with her father and two young boys. She had just picked up her dad from the airport. TBones was his favorite restaurant he used to dine with his late wife. Her dad had been traveling up to NH with his “lady companion” when she broke her pelvis and back and he had to leave her behind in Savannah in the hospital to have surgery and then flew to NH to see his daughter. She was so distraught as it had been just an awful day so far. When i told her i wanted to turn her day around with our RAK she cried, hugged me and thanked me profusely. She cried harder when I presented her with a $50 GC so she could take her dad out again during his visit on better circumstances as they had to abandon their meals and take what was left to go.

The information the witnesses obtained was enough to identify the vehicle out of Auburn and luckily there was minimal damage to her car. I shared our RAK program one more time with the witnesses( and have fulfilled my RAK for next week)  as their acts had such a profound impact on the outcome of the accident. The police officer said their information alone was enough to identify the blue four door sedan late model toyota camry with the correct first 4 digits on the license plate. They were shocked and grateful and enjoyed a wonderful meal after being shook up and highly upset by what they witnessed and the pure lack of respect it took to drive away after hitting another car.

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