Big or Small, Kindness is Important to All

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Tonight I RAKed two guests who came in for a simple meal that turned extravagant. The gentleman at the table was completely torn between two menu items. I explained to him that both the caprese burger and pork tacos were some of my favorites but in my belief the burger would make him want to come back to try the tacos so that is what he went with. Throughout their visit I continued to feel warmth and friendship within them so I decided they were worthy of our daily RAK to ensure he could come back for those tacos. Little did I know this couple needed this more than anything. They explained how they pay it forward by keeping the spirit of their deceased son alive and that the holiday season is almost unbearable for them and their family. As tears fill all of our eyes she told me she hasn’t eaten in days because she’s more worried about giving her kids, who both have the same condition as their brother who passed, a Christmas to always remember. This couple has had an unfair hand in life and they are such extraordinary people. Words can’t explain how badly they needed a miracle and I feel honored I gave them one.

Jen Zocco

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  1. Love this Jen <3 Thank you for making their season brighter thru a small act. Your instinct/sense to help is so clear in your words. Thank you for your kindness and giving these guests an experience to remember linked to our brand & hospitality <3


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