Birthday Disaster

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Tonight we had a group of women celebrating a birthday in the dining room. During dinner, it was quickly brought to my attention that someone in the dining room was choking so I ran over as fast as I could. When I arrived, a gentleman from another table was trying the heimlich to no avail. I took over and was successful at dislodging whatever was stuck. The ladies were very relieved and it turns out, the birthday girl was the one choking. As things calmed down, she was very thankful and grateful but her dining experience was ruined for the night as she didn’t want to eat anymore and was slightly embarrassed. I thought this would be a great opportunity to buy her dinner and get her a GC to come back and have a more pleasurable time from start to finish. When I gave her the Pay It Forward certificate, she immediately looked at the guy who initially tried to help her out and I knew she had already found someone deserving.

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