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Today Scott was taking care of a woman that was having a hard time. She visits us quite frequently and today seemed different. We weren’t able to quite get what she wanted correctly, she seemed frustrated and confused and sadly we were concerned since it wasn’t her usual self. When the woman stepped away, her daughter spoke up and gently apologized that today was a tough day and let us know we weren’t exactly messing up but she had spent some time at the hospital with a friend and it was a trying day. She eventually enjoyed her meal and pleasantly thanked my server for all his help and patience. He came to me and asked about what to do with the recooks and some food that was taken home. I told him never mind….let’s RAK em. I let him privately share our intentions since the details weren’t openly shared in front of the woman. It was her daughter that spoke up. It appeared like a natural guesture of kindness and they were grateful for our act. Scott has a great way of connecting with our guests and easing a troubling day or enlightening one. I love when he comes to me with his interactions amongst our guests

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