Home from the Hospital

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I answered the phone today for a takeout and immediately recognized the voice. It was an old coworker who has become very ill recently. After taking the order I inquired to how she was feeling and she told me she was on her way home from the hospital. When her husband came inside to pay I let him know it was on the house today and to make sure he Paid it Forward for us! They were absolutely delighted and very thankful!

My Very First Regular at CJ’s..

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Tonight my first bar regular at CJ’s came in and told us that this would be his last visit for a very long time. He is moving to Florida. I knew this was coming but wasn’t sure when. He has been a long time regular at CJ’s and really welcomed me when I start bartending here. He is such an awesome and funny guy that really does care about us! He’s one of the regulars you just truly love. I bought him and his friend dinner which ended with hugs 🙂 We’ll miss Ron so much at CJ’s!!

Power of Compassion

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I did 2 RAKs this week.  The first one was for a table who has twins with special needs.  The children turned 21 and were accepted into a school that would help the twins develop life skills they need.  Barb was their server and stated they used to be regular guests, but hadn’t visited in a very long time due to time restraints. We gave them a Gift Card to return and they were very excited to have time out. My second RAK came from one of our bartenders, Carmen. A couple of her regulars had come for lunch in a very somber mood. They had just put their family dog down and were very upset.  They were grateful for the Random Act of Kindness. Carmen very graciously explained that we are animal people here and we understand the pain and the power of compassion.

New To Town

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I was Hostessing on Saturday night and we were slowly dying down when a party of two arrived. Both were super friendly, kind and patient. As we were talking she had brought up that this was her first time ever being at Cjs because they both just moved from Dartmouth. I then told her she was going to love it here and it is like one big happy family and she said that she already loved it because it had a warm cozy feeling and everyone was very friendly. As I sat them I went up to Missy and asked her if we could RAK them because it was their first time

Christmas Cheer

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I had a couple of mentally disabled guests come in to the lounge for dinner.  They were wearing Santa hats and Christmas sweaters.  As servers or guests walked by their table they would stop them to show them a picture of themselves in the Santa hat and sweater.  They were fun and excited and determined to spread Christmas cheer to all that walked by.  I went to the table and laughed and joked with them.  I picked up their tab and gave them the $25 RAK to pay forward, they started giggling and saying “we knew it! we knew you’d do that!” they were so happy.  About 20 minutes after they left I received a phone call from a gentleman explaining that his handicapped brother and sister in law were in and wanted to be sure that we did actually pay for and comp their meals.  I explained our pay it forward program to him and he thanked me, saying that he is aware they can be a little crazy and people don’t typically show them such kindness.

CJ’s First Date Memories

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Ruth came in this afternoon to pick up her favorite Chicken Fajita Salad. After chatting with her for a bit, I learned that CJ’s held a special place in her heart. Her husband had brought here for their very first date many, many years ago. Life has gotten in their way quite a bit, which has kept them away from  dining recently so I hooked her up with a gift certificate to come and join us for date night. Ruth thought the gesture was so great, and explained that she couldn’t wait for her husband to no longer work weekends in a few months so they could make their way in!

Post Dental Work Cravings

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One of our young CJ’s fans had dental work performed this morning. With a very swollen face & mouth, her only request from her mom and dentist were that she could still eat her favorite items from CJ’s. – Mac n’ Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, & Corn Bread. When they came in to pick up their takeout I let them know that lunch was on us. They were both stunned and so very grateful for receiving a random act of kindness!

Recruited & Ready

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This afternoon we had a young family in enjoying a nice lunch on St. Patrick’s Day. After chatting with them, Barbara & I found out that they had quite the change coming their way in just a week! Dad was getting his last moments in with his family before heading off to the military. We hooked them up with lunch on us, along with a big thank you for the sacrifice their family was about to make for our freedom! They were very thankful 🙂


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This afternoon we had a party of six join us for lunch. When they first sat, the women at the table mentioned that they were still waiting for their parents to arrive. They asked Sixto to play along with some jokes they wanted to play on them, and of course, he agreed. After lots of laughs, Sixto and I decided to make their day even better by taking care of their appetizers as well as hooking their parents with a gift certificate to join us again. They were so appreciative and couldn’t say enough great things about Cactus Jack’s & how wonderful Sixto was.

Veteran Discount

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Tonight Deana had a young couple who had asked if they could receive the Tuesday Veteran 25% off discount. Since I couldn’t provide the discount for them, I told Deana that we would RAK them and take care of their check instead. They were so grateful for the nice gesture & will be sure to pay it forward 🙂