19th Wedding Anniversary

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Taylor had approached me about his table being out for lunch to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. They had made a joke to him about how this was how people celebrate their 19th anniversary when they have children. Taylor and I thought it would be perfect to RAK them & hook them up with a generous gift certificate to come back and celebrate without any distractions. They couldn’t believe it when we told them what we were doing. They actually had Taylor take a picture with them so they could share with their friends 🙂

Velocity Visitor

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My RAK this week went to Cherie & her husband who came to visit us for dinner this weekend. I was very excited to RAK them because Cherie had actually gone out of her way to personally deliver some Velocity Performance paperwork to me a few weeks back, and I was happy to be able to thank her in person. I stopped by to see how their dinner was going and they began to tell me how they had not been to CJ’s in quite some time but that they were very happy they decided to come in for dinner because everything was fantastic! From the food to the service, everything was perfection! I let them know that dinner was on us and they were so thankful! They can’t wait to pay it forward!

10 Year Anniversary!

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My Random Act of Kindness went to Lesley & Thomas. They are frequent customers of my old home, T-BONES Hudson, but tonight they decided to take a drive and come visit Cactus Jack’s! They were here to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. These two were so sweet! This was actually their second marriage and they both never thought they would find love again. Thomas said after a year of chasing Lesley, she finally agreed to going on a date with him! 10 years later they’re madly in love and you can totally tell! They were so excited to have been chosen as my RAK & they knew exactly who they were going to give their Pay it Forward certificate to!

Cheers to 6 years!

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My random act this week went to a couple who came in to celebrate their ‘6 years of life together’ at our bar. I thought this was an interesting way to put it – not an anniversary, but years of life! I went over and let them know we were going to take care of their meals as well as hook them up with a gift certificate for the next time they choose to join us again! They were so please & couldn’t believe that their bartender thought to pass the message along about their celebration. In fact, they questioned if I was talking to the correct guests. After a big hug and a ‘Thank You!’ they let me know they would be sure to Pay It Forward and come back & visit us again soon!

Birthday Disaster

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Tonight we had a group of women celebrating a birthday in the dining room. During dinner, it was quickly brought to my attention that someone in the dining room was choking so I ran over as fast as I could. When I arrived, a gentleman from another table was trying the heimlich to no avail. I took over and was successful at dislodging whatever was stuck. The ladies were very relieved and it turns out, the birthday girl was the one choking. As things calmed down, she was very thankful and grateful but her dining experience was ruined for the night as she didn’t want to eat anymore and was slightly embarrassed. I thought this would be a great opportunity to buy her dinner and get her a GC to come back and have a more pleasurable time from start to finish. When I gave her the Pay It Forward certificate, she immediately looked at the guy who initially tried to help her out and I knew she had already found someone deserving.

Active Duty in for Lunch in Manchester

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Today at lunch we had a table of 5 gentlemen stop in for lunch. They were all in uniform and I knew right away that this was my RAK. I introduced myself and thanked them a few times for their service to this country and let them know that I had picked up the entire tab. They were very insistent that I didn’t have to do that, but I told them it was the least I could do for what they do for us.

St. Paddy’s Day!

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Being St. Patrick’s Day, I ask the host to be on the look out for the most green/dressed up guest so that I could RAK them.  We found them in our lounge.  A couple of ladies were starting their day here at CJ’s with some Shamrock-Ritas and appetizers and they were head to toe green & festive.  I bought them some necklaces & green items to compliment their attire and gave them each a $17 gift certificate to use next time.  They were psyched to PIF and said they would be seeing tons of people today.

Mom of 3 for Lunch

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Yesterday a mom of 3 was coming in for lunch with her kids.  She had a 1 year old, a 3 year old, a 9 year and just herself.  As a mom of 4, I know the desire to take your kids out and do nice things for them, but sometimes it is quite the task all by yourself.  All of the children were so well behaved and the oldest was being very helpful.  When I went over and told her that I was taking care of the entire check because of the connection I have with he situation she was floored and so surprised.  Come to find out it was the oldest birthday and they were out to celebrate! SCORE!

“It Happens” @ CJ’s

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This RAK happened Monday at lunch. Two older ladies had come in for lunch and right next to them was a Mom and her two boys about 4 & 5 years old.  At some point during lunch one of the little boys had something stuck and the only natural way for a little boy to get it out was to throw it up.  I quickly helped the mother who was quite nice, but a bit embarrassed.  While all of this was happening the two older ladies were chatting away with the other little boy who was just watching his brother through all of this.  The ladies were super kind and just continued with their lunch.  When I told them that I would like to buy their lunches because as a mom myself I totally understood where that mother was coming from and to have people around you not make a big deal and just say “it happens” really helps in that situation.  They were very surprised and were pleased to see how quickly both myself & Josh were in helping out with the situation.