RAK Story

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I had a woman come in asking for some Monkey Bread to bring to her mother in the hospital.  Her father is dying and they’ve been at the hospital around the clock and her mother hasn’t been sleeping or eating well.  Mom loves our Monkey Bread so her daughter is hoping it’ll get her eating.  We gave her the bread and I also gave her a $100 Gift Certificate to come her as they will have some heavy times coming and I wanted them to come in and let us take care of them.  She was so grateful-tears and hugs from both of us.

Copper Door Proposal

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Yesterday’s RAK went to a couple who dined here for dinner. In the middle of their dining experience, George proposed to his girlfriend! They were so adorable and had the “I’m in love stare” the entire night! They were so happy that we took care of their dinner. I wish them luck!!

We Even Loved the Bathrooms

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My RAK went to a young couple celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary.  They were 1st time guests and LOVED everything about us-from the building to the food and service, bathrooms too, LOL!  I gave them a GC as a welcome to CD and anniversary “present”.  They were floored 🙂

Side-by-Side Sitters

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So my RAK today went to the first side by side sitters of the evening!! My first initial thoughts were that they must be on a first date, I was surprised when the told me it was their 10 year Wedding Anniversary! Jamie and Matt Wood were at Copper door for the first time! They were also on their first date in over a year having two small children at home. When I told them I was buying dinner for them this evening, they were speechless and Jamie started to cry, asked me if she could hug me and cried some more lol!! I know they will definitely pass it on, Jamie and Matt said they will be back as soon as they can and loved everything about our Restaurant!! Such a lovely couple!! – Amanda Bisson