In Memorium (RAK #4)

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Last week, we knew a family that visits Derry regularly was preparing to lose their mother. They expected her to pass last week. When they were in tonight, Ed Williams, his wife, sister, brother in law and son were dining and regretted to inform us that his mother had held on another week and was lost to them yesterday. Sorry to hear the news I thought it would be a good opportunity to continue my goal to complete RAK week. I offered my condolences and said we would like to do something nice to share our support and took care of the food items on their check. I then asked the two (brother and sister ) that had lost their mother to share a RAK certificate in honor of their mother and do something nice in her name. Some hugs and tears later, one had passed a RAK certificate along on their way out to another very regular and close family Steve and Sandy Burl and children Sophia and Sam. They also passed along the the Random Acts of Kindness (see next post)  The Williams’ were very grateful and overwhelmed with the love and support they felt from all of us and made sure to come see myself and Andre on their way out.

Share the love (paying it forward RAK during RAK week)

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After I made my RAK #4 of RAK week, I noticed one of our very very regular guests and good friends  (The Burl’s ) had a RAK certificate on their table tonight. Knowing they share everything about their experiences with me I knew I hadn’t heard about them being RAK’d. I had made an appearance at another table with a RAK and they immediately paid it forward in house with this family. One of our KM’s Dave Rocca made the Burl’s a special Bernaise Sauce for their steaks and when they heard he had made a special Meatloaf Dinner for another guest that was getting anxious, Steve Burl paid it forward twice and gave them their RAK certificate so they would be extra happy and patient knowing their meal was worth waiting for. I visited the table after their server had brought the surprise RAK over and checked on their created meal and without a doubt they were so very happy! It was Nice to see the RAK unfold a few times over stemming from a table that needed a little happiness in their day (see RAK #4)

It can’t be easy (rak #3)

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A few months ago, a family that is  long time regular visitors of Derry, lost their middle son to suicide. One of our servers, Amber, dated their oldest son, Tommy for many many years so she was extremely close to the family as were nearly all our bartenders. The loss of Joey was tremendous to this family and spread deeply throughout our store. When they visited Christie could tell his Mom had been crying and asked if I could do something. We made it very casual as to not stir up what was was already weighing on her but I went over and said I wanted to make a kind guesture to make them smile and ask them to do something nice for someone completely random with the same idea. I let them know I was hoping to keep up RAK week moving forward and hope she will come in to tell me their story. I said keep it on you and save it for when you want to pay it forward. Maybe on a really hard day she will remember she can do something completely random just for the sake of it and it will bring her happiness. It can’t be easy finding ways to make you smile when you don’t want to

Rak 2 of RAK week

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We had a family dining the other night that had dined for the first time with us. (lightbult perfect RAK table) I overheard them talking about how great their server was and injected myself into the conversation. The server happened to be very new and so I caught them on the way out by accident with a  RAK certificates. I let them know a little bit about our company’s community interests and our RAK program and asked them to keep the RAK week going with their pay it forward Certificate. I then invited them to come back and dine with us again and enjoy another meal with us in hopes of earning their regular status with our Derry Location so presented them with a Gift Certificate. We hope to see them soon

Happy RAK week (day 1)

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Happy Monday Happy National RAK Week   In honor of the first day of RAK week I chose the last guest in the lounge tonight. I recognized a guest I’ve seen many times but having not worked on the bar before I was not on a first name basis with this gentlemen. He’s always smiling, pleasant and engaging with the bartenders.  So I introduced myself and shared my excitement for celebrating a week that gives people a chance to do something nice for absolutely  no reason other than they can. He already has someone in mind that he thinks will be a worthy recipient of a RAK certificate to pay it forward and after some idle chit chat he thanked me for such an awesome way to end his night.  He was only in for a beer and  pizza and instead left with the excitement to do something nice for someone. He sought me out for one last thank you and to assure me He was going to make someone’s day. Happy RAK week. 6 more to come 🙂

Wedding Bells

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The other day on my way out Tina approached me to let me know a couple was dining after just getting married. They came in to celebrate with a couple snacks and margaritas. As they finished up Tina and I joined them at the table to wish them well, many years of a happy marraige and to let them know we wanted to make their day a little more exciting. I picked up the food items on the check and presented them with a   $50 Gift Certificate so they could come back out to dinner and asked them for their first job as newleyweds to find someone to present a random act of kindness and pay it forward with one of our RAK GCs. The husband was super emotional and both were very grateful. They were really shocked we did such a thing and will be back to share their story of their RAK

Helping Hand

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In Derry tonight, we had a couple of young girls dine here. When they went to leave, their battery in their car was dead. The young girl that was driving was a new driver, and was in a panic, seeing as she was driving her Mother’s car. They told the hostess that they needed help, and Toni went in search. Heather, overhearing Toni said that she had a friend in the bar that would help out. A abr regular Brian went out and assisted the young ladies, so I repaid his kind deed by picking up dinner for hima nd his friend. The guys were happy to have Brian’s kind deed repaid, and I have no doubt that Brian wiil find the right opportunity to pay it forward.

Happy Anniversary

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We had a guest that came in for their anniversary and was asking what we did for Anniversaries as they were hoping for a little extra special something. They felt a little “off put” by the servers response so I went over to smooth things out. I explained the email club signup and that we have different promotions that come during anniversary months like the birthday coupon. So since they had a snowflake coupon they would not have been able to participate in those coupons regardless and that’s what the server was trying to convey but it came out with the guest feeling a little slighted unintentionally. I said we would love to make their night however and do a little something better than a coupon and I picked up their check. It wasn’t much as they wanted to share a meal (they thought it was cute :)) I had them each select a dessert and went to make it for them to take home. I packed it up for them, brought it over with a candle (her birthday had just passed) and gave them a Gift Certificate for the amount of the snowflake they had scratched. I wished them many more years together and told them go enjoy their cake – we had picked up tonight’s meal. She was overwhelmed and apologized for taking it the wrong way when the server tried to explain. We made their night and they left smiling ear to ear holding hands 🙂


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Today I had alady named Mary that found it in her heart to pay a tab for one of our guests that was dining alone. The lone diner was very appreciative and happy to have recevied this act of kindness. It was a no brainer for me today to pick Mary as my random act. I gave her a gift certificate for her next visit, and a RAK GC to pass along in the community. She was very impressed with the fact that we do random acts every week. i am sure that she willl pay it forward.

Heart to heart

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This evening when I was coming onto my shift, Rich approached me with a situation at his table. He told me that he had a young gentleman who had just undergone 5 heart surgeries after a complication with his 24th heart surgery. Yes… 24th heart surgery. He had spent an extended period of time in the hospital and was just realeased today. Before he made it home, he wanted to stop by T-bones for his favorite meal, teri tips. His doctor had even given him medicine to take on the way there, so he would be able to make the stop before he returned home. Rich made a great call to RAK the table. The customer was touched, and very thankful to have a great server.