Just Moved In (Sullivan Family)

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Tonight Trisha approached me about a table that was new to town and heard so much about our wonderful restaurant. Her oldest son is in eighth grade and he has heard from his new friends that we are the best restaurant ever!!!!! The family moved to Derry the day before school started and has been tight on money but with the mother’s Dad in town and brother they felt the special occasion deserved a night out and had to try this place, TBones, they have heard so much about. Colleen (mom) introduced me to her daughter a sophomore, two sons (7th and 8th grade) and her oldest daughter who left for college in Wisconsin they day they moved in. I approached the table to welcome them to town and tell them about our great Random Act of Kindness program and presented them with a $50 Gift Certificate to enjoy our great food and let them worry a little less about their evening out. After tears and goosebumps Colleen hugged me tightly with tears of joy committing themselves to a lifetime of visits here in Derry. I then asked Trisha to order them 2 samplers to send to me. I delivered their food and checked on them to see how they were enjoying their experience and the boys thanked me endlessly saying they had the best meal. Fortunately Dad picked up the bill allowing them to  hold onto their $50 GC and visit us again! They can’t wait to come back and can’t wait to surprise a new neighbor with our $25 GC and their Random Act of Kindness

political RAk

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Tonight I gave our Random Act of Kindness to a couple who frequents our Derry store multiple times a week and has since we opened. She also served as a council member in Derry for  many years so I know she will spread great word of our program and was surprised she didn’t know if it sooner. She is also a customer we have won back from a period when she felt like we weren’t performing up to par so this was a great way to show her some positive things we do with our great company.  She looks forward to spreading kindness with her GC.

Truly Random

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I did my RAK last night and it was truly just a Random table.  I asked one of the servers to go in the dining room and pick someone.  She picked a couple sitting outside of her station.  We went over to the table and they were very surprised.  They had never heard of that and honestly seemed a little confused.  We joked with party for a few minutes and I think we got us some new regulars!

Veteran enters nursing home

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A group of regulars joined us today. Jessica Cone was the server but Kelly recognized one of the members and proceeded to ask how she and her husband have been. The woman shared her husband, Donny a Retired Veteran, has entered the nursing home for the last time. He is in the final stages of his life. We decided to bring some happiness to their day by sharing our Random Act of Kindness program.  They were extremely appreciative, impressed and looking forward to sharing their Random Act of Kindness with the $25 Gift Certificate we provided.

Wedding Bells

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My RAK this week was a no brainer. Stacey, who was a very regular regular when she lived in N.H. was in town. She is getting married on Friday. She moved to Tennessee, but makes it a point to come to T-Bones every time she is in town. She was in for dinner with her fiancé and her parents, so I picked up their dinner tab. As Stacey is from around here, so was very happy to get the opportunity to Pay it Forward.

Pay it Back to Pay it Forward

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My RAK this week went to Amanda and Shelly. They are the owner, and one of the server/part-time managers at Maddie’s in Salem They are two of the kindest people I know. My father in law goes to Maddie’s almost every day, and they treat him like a king. I took up their tab today, and Shelly was very happy to get the Pay it Forward gift certificate. Come to find out, that about 4 months ago, some one gave her a Pay it Forward certificate, so she was very happy to get the chance to Pay it Forward.

1st Peeps of the day!

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I chose the first party that sat in the dining room this morning.  It was a party of 4.  A Mom and Dad and their 2 small kids.  I went over and explained who I am and what I wanted to do for them.  This was their 1st time in and a friend had told them about us.  They thought we were great so far, and I gave them a GC for a future visit.  Hopefully I we caught a new regular 🙂

Veggie Burger Smiles

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I have a guest that comes in fairly infrequently, but it is a neighbor of ours. She is often seen walking around in the area.  Some people had made comments of her perhaps being homeless, but I have spoken with her several times and she actually lives with her niece down the street. She is friendly, quiet and maybe a little lonely.  She came in tonight and ordered a Veggie burger.  I decided to RAK her.  It was definitely one of the ones that made me smile, as i don’t think she has very much.

Happy 21st

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I met a young lady today named Jackie. It was her 21st Birthday, and she came in for lunch with her mother, and her boyfriends mother and sister. I took up the tab ( minus the alcohol of course) and the entire table was very impressed.

Out of town’ers

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Tonight a server, Jenny, approached me about her table that was from out of town. They were already planning on returning this week before they returned home to visit Jenny again. They were very impressed with our restaurant and glad they chose us during their stay so we decided to impress them more by RAKing them. They thought our PAY IT FORWARD program was wonderful and was looking forward to giving someone a random act of kindness themselves.