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This week’s RAK went to a couple expecting their first child. She originally ordered the Chicken Lettuce Wraps but it didn’t quiet agree with her. So she got plain pasta instead. I gave her a GC to come back when she had a better appetite. They were super excited, and happy to Pay It Forward.

Firefighter & Nurse

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My Rak for last week went to a family that is well known in the community. Mr & Mrs. Foote and their children were dining in with us on Wednesday. Their server Suzy had come up to me and was raving about all the good things they have done in the community, and how great they were!  He is a firefighter and she is a nurse. I gave them a gift card, as they had already cashed out, and told them to come back and have a date night on us! They were very thankful and happy to PIF.

Future Regular

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I first went to this table, because one of the servers said the little girl looked like my daughter..I started talking to the table and the little girl wanted to see a picture of my daughter, when I showed it to her, she said “Wow that’s so cool..does that mean I won a free dinner?” I said yes as a matter of fact you do, you just have to do one thing for me.  I gave her a $25.00 Pay it Forward certificate and told her that she had to pick someone outside her family to give it to..She chose her teacher…This was by far my favorite RAK to date, I have never given it to a child, e was so happy, like she won something big and was so appreciative.

Thanksgiving Dinner is Served

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I wanted to share a special RAK I did today.  A woman called today and asked if we delivered.  She had just gotten out of the hospital and her husband was away and wouldn’t be home for Thanksgiving.  She ordered a Turkey dinner for tomorrow and we delivered it to her doorstep and picked up the cost.  She started crying and said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done to her.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!