Childhood Sweethearts

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We had a couple in celebrating their anniversary and from the moment they walked in they shared their story and love for each other. When they shared their story with Danika she came bouncing in to me and asked if we could please RAK this couple. They shared 43 years of marriage and additional years of courting. The wife had brought a quilt she made for her husband who was doting over his loving wife and thoughtful gift. So we let them enjoy their time together and then went over to share more positive vibes. I shared my envy of the time they have shared and wished them many years more of happiness and well being when I told them they had their bill paid for. They hugged me and continued to share their story as they were leaving the building. It was then that I learned they had been together since they were 19 years old and ironically their siblings had married each other and were celebrating over 30 years together!  We can only ever hope to share that many years of love 🙂

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