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I forgot to post my story from last week. I will first thank Christie and Angela for suggesting the perfect guest to RAK. I wound up giving my RAK to Shirley. She is a regular guest at T-Bones in Derry, and has been for the past several years. She used to come in every week with her husband who was in a wheelchair. She had not been in for several weeks, and when she returned, she let Chrisite and Angela, who wait on her often know that her husband had passed away. I introduced myself, and let her know that she was my pick for the Random Act of Kindness for the week. She was very thrilled, and let me know that it was her first visit to T-BONES since her husband had passed away. It took her several weeks to build up the courage to come back in to a place that she loves, but is now dining alone. She will no doubt Pay it Forward, and will be back regularly, even though it hurts her heart.

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