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Daughter’s Special Night

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This little girl was the recipient of tonight’s RAK.  She was so polite, sweet, and proud of her soccer achievements at her game prior to visiting us today.  I went over and explained the whole “deal” to her and her Mom. The Mom asked some of the other reasons that I had given them away.  I briefly explained the story about the family with the little girl that had to have a tracheotomy among other stories that I have read here.  She asked what the prognosis for the little girl was and when I explained that she would most likely never have the ability to speak, she told me about another one of her daughters that has partial cranial paralysis that has left her child also without the ability to speak, however her prognosis is much better.  In fact, she will be starring in a Children’s Hospital of Boston commercial this coming Friday.  She had taken her daughter to the game alone to make sure that she knew how special she is and to make it a special night for her.  She had chosen our restaurant to come to eat.  They could not have been any more grateful.  These stories are tugging at my heart-strings and I love that we have the ability to do something so profound for our incredible guests with even more incredible stories!

– Tricia St. George

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