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I  missed my RAK last week and when a family that visits us at least 3-4 times a week came in tonight I thought it would be great to surprise them. I’ve had the privilege to get to know this wonderful family over the years when I was a server and love that I can give back to them this way. Steve Burl owns a mechanic shop in Derry and recently had his lift break and nearly kill him while damaging an expensive vehicle he was working on. Through friends I learned they were struggling a bit. I brought them out a $50 GC  and accompanied the certificate with a pint of Buffalo Sauce and Ranch Dressing for their middle child Sammy and a big bag of popcorn for their little girl Sophia. They are loyal guests who take time to give us positive reviews on media sites and comment on other posts regarding our excellent standards and service. They speak highly of our establishment and our “family” and I love that we make them feel that every time they visit us!

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