Family Support

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A family of six came in tonight,  a mother and her five “children”, after hearing some bad news about mom’s health. They were quick to note my height and we all joked and teased about how tall I am and how short they are. When I told them I’m 6’10”, mom was quick to stand up, and at 4’8″ looked tiny next to me. I picked her up and hugged her and they all got pictures. I talked to them about how much fun they were to talk to, and how amazing it is to see such wonderful support for their mom. I gave them a Gift Certificate to come back and visit us again soon, and a pay it forward to give to someone else. When leaving, every single one of them gave me a hug, mom kissed me on the cheek, and they all said I had made their day so much better than I could ever understand. They left with sore cheeks from smiling non stop.

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