Father/Daughter Date

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I originally went to a table tonight because the little girl at the table had a recook kid steak tip dinner.  As I was talking to the table and handling the issue, I realized the father really did not want to be a bother and refused to have me take her food off the bill or give him a gift certificate. So I bargained with him..I said Ok I won’t do either of those things, however I do like to pick one person/party a week to treat as a Random of Act of Kindness, so I’m choosing you and your daughter and picking up your entire check, all you have to do is Pay Forward this $25.oo dining certificate to an unsuspecting victim!  He laughed and accepted.  I went back to the table a little later to check on them and he thanked me again, saying that he and his daughter were just discussing who they were going to choose as their pay it forward.

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