Forever Regulars!

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Tonight I was walking threw the dinning room doing my usually walk around and I happened to notice a couple that I know I’ve seen many many times before, and for some reason I new I remember them not just for being regulars but for another reason but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. As I walked around I picked up on some of their conversation, and how much they loved the t-bones staff, then it hit me. Around christmas time they where the table who paid for my tables meal. The reason why they paid for my tables meal was because they wanted to thank the father at my table for his service (he was a marine), because of this I wanted to repay the pay it forward to them. I presented this couple with a $25.00 Gift certificate for their next visit and a $25 GC to give to any random person they please. Of course this couple new right off the bat someone in need who would love this. It pays to pay it forward especially when its someone who pays it forward all the time!

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