Hooking Up a Fellow Server

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One of my servers, Meaghan Grant, came to me with a great RAK story. Here it is: “On Wednesday night a lady named Renita, who frequents T-BONES quite often, came in with her sister after their shift at Bertucci’s. I asked how their day was and Renita told me that at some point during the day she put her book down with all her money in it and unfortunately it never came up. She was bummed about it but said she was trying to forget about it and move on with her day. I told her how sorry I was to hear that and I hate when bad things happen to good people. Renita is always very positive and is always quick to give me a big excited hug when she sees me. She’s quite the ray of sunshine. I felt that she was worthy of a RAK, and when I told her that their food was on us and what the RAK was for, she was fighting back tears and couldn’t thank me enough for doing something so nice. She was a very deserving candidate and it definitely made for a better ending to her not so great day.”

Great job, Meaghan!

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