How Could I Not?

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Today while I was making my usual rounds around the dining room, a gentleman asked me to come over to his table. The gentleman handed me his credit card and began to tell me that he wanted to pay for another table’s tab. I was completely shocked that a complete stranger would volunteer to pay for a tab without even knowing what the cost was. I asked him “what makes you want to do that for them?”. He replied “this young lady has been having a hard time with her children, who are not listening, and I could tell she was having a bad day. She’s been so patient with them and I know what that is like”. This gentleman was sitting at his table with two of his own children who had also been rambunctious during their lunch. I expressed how awesome it was for him to do that for them. I knew in that moment that this was the perfect RAK. It was easy to explain to him why I wanted to do something for him since he was so willing to do something for someone else. He repeatedly told me ” you don’t have to do that!” I knew I didn’t have to but I couldn’t believe his generosity and willingness to make someone else’s day brighter. Paying it Forward is working, not only in our restaurants, but everywhere.


Angelina Brady

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