I Am Going To Be Old Someday

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I was working on the bar Saturday and these two young gentleman came in from work to have some lunch. At the end of the bar stood an elderly gentleman who seem lost. I approached him asking him if I could help him.  He was looking for a foot doctor office around this area. I went to get my phone so I could google it for him to help him. By the time I got back to the bar one of the young men had already looked it up for us. I said “thank you” and he came back with “I am going to be old someday”  The elderly gentlemen went over and the young man showed him how to get where he needed to be. I decided to do a random act of kindness for these young men. It touch my heart because I don’t think most kids theses days think like this young man does. He seemed excited about having to go out and find someone to share the act with. “Pay it forward” where his last words as he walk out the door.

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