In Memorium (RAK #4)

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Last week, we knew a family that visits Derry regularly was preparing to lose their mother. They expected her to pass last week. When they were in tonight, Ed Williams, his wife, sister, brother in law and son were dining and regretted to inform us that his mother had held on another week and was lost to them yesterday. Sorry to hear the news I thought it would be a good opportunity to continue my goal to complete RAK week. I offered my condolences and said we would like to do something nice to share our support and took care of the food items on their check. I then asked the two (brother and sister ) that had lost their mother to share a RAK certificate in honor of their mother and do something nice in her name. Some hugs and tears later, one had passed a RAK certificate along on their way out to another very regular and close family Steve and Sandy Burl and children Sophia and Sam. They also passed along the the Random Acts of Kindness (see next post)  The Williams’ were very grateful and overwhelmed with the love and support they felt from all of us and made sure to come see myself and Andre on their way out.

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