“It Happens” @ CJ’s

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This RAK happened Monday at lunch. Two older ladies had come in for lunch and right next to them was a Mom and her two boys about 4 & 5 years old.  At some point during lunch one of the little boys had something stuck and the only natural way for a little boy to get it out was to throw it up.  I quickly helped the mother who was quite nice, but a bit embarrassed.  While all of this was happening the two older ladies were chatting away with the other little boy who was just watching his brother through all of this.  The ladies were super kind and just continued with their lunch.  When I told them that I would like to buy their lunches because as a mom myself I totally understood where that mother was coming from and to have people around you not make a big deal and just say “it happens” really helps in that situation.  They were very surprised and were pleased to see how quickly both myself & Josh were in helping out with the situation.

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