Kindness at it’s best

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Today we witnessed a true moment of kindness in Derry. We have two gentlemen who frequent our restaurant. They live in an assisted environment. Most people turn their nose up to them as they do not wash, wear dirty clothes and are what  most people would consider lower class of society. They often come in with change simply for a bowl of chili or a burger and get nothing else often only one eating at a time and do not tip. I can imagine how they are often treated and it is sad, but today was a different story. Today a kind woman wanted to do something nice for them. Something they don’t often receive I am sure. She bought their lunch anonymously. In return I bought hers’. She held my hand with tears in her eyes at her surprise to our kindness and what a great company we are for having such a great program. She just felt like it was the right thing to do. 🙂

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