Last Dinner in NH

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Something unusual happened at the CoDo tonight on our terrace. It was brought to my attention that a dog had suddenly appeared and was scrounging around the tables. She had no collar and seemed a little on the skinny side: We thought she may be a stray. That’s when Mia and Jason, 2 guests who were sitting outside, both got up from their table and made their way over to where I had the dog. Mia offered to put the pooch in her car while we worked on a decision on what to do. One of our servers had a leash in her vehicle and after we were able to secure the dog, Mia asked if it would be alright if she could keep it by her table while they dined so it wouldn’t get lonely.

We did a bit of detective work and were able to figure out that our stray was actually an escapee from a vehicle parked in our lot. We found the rightful owners in the dining room, reunited them with “Shay”, and settled back into the evening.

Because Mia and Jason took about a second to help and because of their kind offers, I hooked them up with dinner as I explained our RAK. Come to find out it was their last dinner in NH because they are moving to Houston tomorrow. Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to give out our Pay it Forward certificate, I instead gave them a $25 Visa gift card with the same conditions, that they had to give it away randomly and explain why to that person. I trust in them and have no doubt that’s what they will do.

– Matthew Phipps

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