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While working an event last week at St. Anne’s Taste of the Town I met a very nice couple that own J&B Butcher in Hampstead NH. We worked side by side at a very busy and exciting event. I was thrilled to represent our company in my community. We were both husband and wife teams working side by side and enjoyed each other’s company. During the very little downtime we learned that Jim and Cheryl were faithful TBones regulars so they were ecstatic to be set up next to us and enjoy our Chili and Espinachos. When I saw them today on a new week I just had to tell them about our Random Act of Kindness program and bought their lunch. Owning a local business in our community, I have no doubt they will pass along our $25 RAK GC to a worthy person. They were very impressed to see a business of our stature to work a community event like the Taste of the Town and we definitely impressed them more when they learned about our RAK program.

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