Long Time No See

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Had a gentleman come into Bedford for lunch today whom I haven’t seen since my transfer from Laconia. His name is Larry. He is a WWII Veteran who served as a member of the United States Navy Seabees. I always had a great time talking to him and finding out what the Seabees did first hand from a man who was there. My interest is due to the fact that my grandfather served as a Seabee as well. Larry always gives me a hard time as I do not know my grandfather’s service information or what company he served with. Once again today he gave me a hard time again. It was so nice catching up with him. I bought his lunch as well as his daughter’s and gave them a Pay It Forward certificate to give to someone else. He was very grateful and gave me a hug on his way out. It’s always awesome to see regulars I haven’t seen in a while.

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