Lost But Not Forgotten

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The T-Bones family recently lost a restaurant regular. A gentleman by the name of Wilbur Perkins has been a regular and frequent guest at our Bar here at T-Bones of Bedford for many years. He always sat in the same seat, unless someone else beat him to it which was seldom, the same drink, and the same personality every visit. Our bar staff knew him better than anyone and saw him truly as a member of the family. He had a caregiver who was always with him to help him from day to day. Her name is Heather and she is an amazing person as well. Today Heather was in after his service, probably where Wilbur would have wanted to go too, and had dinner with her significant other Sean. I took care of their tab and told her that the T-Bones family was truly sorry for her loss. She was very thankful. Wilbur may not be back to visit us, however we will always see his face at seat one everyday.

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