Make A Wish- 1st stop T-bones, Next stop Italy

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Tonight we had a family meet with Make-A-Wish for dinner to make special plans. Our young guest is planning a trip to Italy with his family for his wish. I went over and met the young man and asked him where he was planning on going, His eyes lit with excitment telling me about his plans to go to multiple stops across the country. His younger brother was excited to go to take pictures with all the birds by the fountains. We took care of the meal, and I asked the young man and the Make-A-Wish coordinator to Pass on the RAK certificates. The Make-A-Wish coordinator came in after the meal to speak with me. She was so appreciative of meal for the family. Orginally she had tried to set the plans for an Italian restaurant since he was planning a trip to italy, But the boy insisted on T-Bones. This is his favorite resurant, and he loves the chicken tenders!

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