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Tonight Amber waited on a party that was visiting for the first time. They asked if we could do a Military Discount. While it was a Saturday night (We have military discounts on Tuesdays) I decided to show them our RAK program. They had a corporate appetizer coupon and ordered a Boneless Tender along with a Brownie Sundae to wrap up their dinner. I approached the table and let them know that although I couldn’t honor the Military Discount tonight I wanted them to learn about another program -our RAK. I bought their appetizer and brownie sundae and issued them a $25 Gift Certificate allowing them to hold onto their corporate appetizer so they could use it on future visits. I wished them well and told them I hoped they would visit us on any Tuesday with the gift certificate I gave them so they could take advantage of our Military Discount. It blew them away and they will certainly pay it forward and be returning as loyal guests

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