Oldie But a Goodie

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Last week, a mom, Amanda, came in with 3 kids to get some take out. She seemed almost at the end of her rope as the kids were being a handful. When she came to pay for lunch, she took out one of those old gift cards we sold back in the early 2000s and asked if there was a way we could see if there was any value. I haven’t seen one for quite some time and told her this was an old card, and to give me a minute to look it up. There was $1.63 left on the card. I made up a new $25 certificate on the side and gave it to her, asking that it not be so long for her to come back and use it. The kids got real quiet when I did this, and then got all excited when I gave them the Pay it Forward certificate. She thanked me over and over, saying they love it here and don’t get to visit as often and couldn’t believe what we had done.

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