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A couple months ago, I received a message on our Derry T-BONES FB page with an image of a young boys homework. It showed his family dynamics and things the family does that he loves. Amongst it was his favorite place to go and favorite thing to do as a family. Guess what it was…….”go to T-BONES”. So I responded back asking his dad to message me with their address so I could send him a letter addressed to him with a GC attached so he could come in and buy his own dinner next time. His dad messaged back and after he received the letter let me know how ecstatic he was and what it meant to him.

Tonight they visited and asked for me, thankfully I was working. I asked his family if I could take him to the kitchen area and show him a surprise. On our “star” board is a picture of his homework. I brought him over and showed him when people say something nice about our servers we like them to feel good and display the message. And that’s just what his paper did. He was awestruck to see his writing and copy of his homework on the board saying Going to T-bones is what’s so special about his family. They were visiting to celebrate his mom’s birthday tonight. They wished for no dessert so when finished I went over with a GC for their next visit so he could take his family out for dessert and then do something nice for someone else with our RAK certificate. He was there with extended family so they explained the idea to him about paying it forward and he thanked me for making his night. The big smile on his face when he walked out with the RAK certificate in hand it couldn’t have felt any better.

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