A Show of Support

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We have a regular in our lounge named Tracy. He visits often but usually during the earlier part of the day. We noticed he was coming in more frequently at night. During one of his evening visits we learned his mother was in the hospital and he did not expect her to survive much longer. Seeing him at night meant he was visiting her and the visits became more frequent, eventually a daily occurrence. On one particular night he was sitting alone and started talking to one of our employees and opening up. While sharing stories and emotion, we wanted to show him how we truly do care about not only our employees and guests but their family as well. He was overwhelmed by the generosity and attempted a “thank you” but just hugged me. He came in the next day to pick up a quick take out and sought me out to say that he truly was beyond appreciative of the gesture. A few day later, I was dining in our lounge.  Tracy came over when he was ready to leave and said his mother had passed. While he was broken hearted, he will never forget the kindness he received while he was going through one of the toughest goodbyes. Not a lot of companies offer someone managing the front of the house the opportunity to impact someone that profoundly

Fur Babies Are Family

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We had a guest dining that was having a tough day. Her pit bull lost a battle to lymphoma in only a couple of weeks. As an animal lover and someone who recently lost a furry family member to cancer,  it just tugged at my heart strings. When she shared her sorrow with our bartender, Jamie immediately searched to share the devastating news and asked if we could do anything for her. We asked her to perform a random act of kindness in honor of her lost love and took care of her stay with us that evening. She was tearfully grateful and looks forward to passing on the kindness.

Totally Random

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Today I wanted to do the absolute most random RAK so I used the bartender bag of chips when we do giveaways and pulled a chip until we hit a guest that was present. Over to table 6 in the lounge to surprise one of our regulars and asked they Pay it Forward and make someone else’s day. Sweet and Simple.

Decades of Devotion

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A couple was dining in our restaurant tonight. I knew them years ago. They are high school sweethearts, class of 1994. Friday nights in high school were often spent on the football field cheering on our very talented athletic classmates- Pinkerton was notorious for winning. 25 years later they were waiting for their girls to enjoy their time at the Mack Plack football game (a rival annual game between Londonderry and Derry). It occurred to me how many years they have been together and it is not every day you see high school sweetheart still enjoying each other after more than two decades. I sadly haven’t done many RAKs lately and although yesterday I made a serviceman’s afternoon, I wanted to keep it going and bought their dinner. They were of course surprised and grateful. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be responsible for that kind of unexpected event happening from just sitting down and having a meal.

Happy Cadet

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Yesterday we had a young man come in and order just a bowl of chili. Our hostess, Lisa, said all he’s ordered is a bowl of chili. He’s a super young smiling cadet can we do something? Of course!! We thanked him for his service and said enjoy your lunch. He was ever so grateful. It was obviously a small check and little loss to us but he was so happy about it. He gave us the most genuine “thank you for your support” and said “I promise to pass this along” (RAK GC). It made my hostess so proud to be able to do something nice for someone else. Her day hadn’t started out so well and this turned it around so an extra bonus to give someone else an unexpected reminder of the power of kindness 🙂


100 Years Young

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Seeing a bright shining smiley woman 100 years young should give anyone a sense of awe. Surrounded by her immediate family and crowned with a princess tiara, she wanted to celebrate her birthday at T-BONES with our exceptional seafood and ordered one of our delicious Haddock meals. When Tina, their server, said take a look at Table 42, she’s celebrating her 100th birthday can we RAK them, I said “FOR SURE”. The family thanked me and Tina and said they love coming into our restaurants. We hope to see them again soon.

Moms Helping Moms

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I was out shopping at Hannafords with my one year old the other day. He was very rambunctious and goofy throughout the store and was waving at everybody. On our way out, while trying to juggle him, a box of diapers, and a couple bags, a very sweet woman who we had seen around the store offered to help us out to the car! It was so nice of her to go out of her way to help someone else that I took the Pay It Forward certificate from my car and brought it over to her! She was so thankful and explained she just did it out of the kindness of her heart!

They Really Meant “I do!”

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Lindsey had a party come in this week to celebrate their anniversary. She thought that it was a good RAK opportunity. I introduced myself to Bill and Judy, and found out that they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I explained the RAK, and they were thrilled. I am sure that they will choose wisely when Paying it Forward. Thanks Lindsey.

Where it all Started…

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Today we had a couple come in for lunch to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. They had let Taylor know their first date was at T-BONES so they decided to come back to relive those special moments here together again! We surprised them and totally made their day! It also was Taylors first RAK and she was delighted to make their day extra special!

A First for Derry

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We’ve seen prom proposals, marriage proposals, anniversaries, mourning, birthday parties, bridal parties, and baby showers but today we saw a wedding. We knew we had a large party in the books for 12 o’clock but when they gathered and stood up to share their vows with our guests here at Derry T-BONES we were quite surprised. Of course an event like that brings us to our generous nature to offer a gift card for the newlyweds to enjoy dinner on us for their next visit as husband and wife and also gave them their first joint task; to provide a Random Act of Kindness.