For the Love of Tea

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We had a couple in with their Mom and she just loved our Tea Forte so I wrapped up a set of pitchers, a box of tea and the cute little tea bag holders-they were so happy!  And psyched to hand out the certificate too 🙂

– Beth O’Reilly

CJ's first RAK

It’s Been Too Long

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CJ’s first RAK… Janice and her friend celebrating a birthday and enjoying each other’s company after not seeing each other for too long. I bought their tab and they were more than excited to be able to pay it forward. I know they will be talking about this for awhile.

– Josh Bruno

happy birthday rosa

Happy Birthday Rosa!

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Tonight these four co-workers were out celebrating Rosa’s birthday. I couldn’t help but notice this group of ladies since they were all laughing like crazy because the birthday girl was under the booth trying to find her credit card. After all that searching, I decided my RAK would be to buy Rosa her dinner as well as her husbands (she shouldn’t be buying anyone dinner when it’s HER birthday!). She was so appreciative and couldn’t believe it!

– Meaghan Corriveau

Nurse Steve Saving Lives

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Tonight’s RAK went to “Nurse” Steve …. He had a rough day at work almost losing a patient.  I bought his dinner and he is super excited to Pay it Forward tomorrow.

– Rheanna Cook

Pretty Little Princess

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In Derry tonight, I noticed a young lady waiting in the lobby with her parents. I inquired about her Princess dress, and she told me that her family had just got home from Disney. Her Mother let me know that they came to T-BONES at her daughters request, right from the air port. At the end of their meal, I gave the family a little T-BONES magic, by making their table disappear. They were extremely pleased, and very happy to be able to Pay it Forward in kind. I had Trisha, their server take a few pictures and post them on Facebook. COOL!!!

– Andre Morris

Two Lovely Ladies in Laconia

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Tonight we had two lovely ladies in to CJ’s in Laconia for a night out.  I took care of their appetizer and asked them to help pay it forward, and they were more than happy to participate!

– Lori Haney

A Fun Family Dinner

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First RAK in Laconia went out to a family enjoying a night out.  The kids loved the etch-a-sketches and were having a great time enjoying school vacation.  We bought dinner for the kids!  They were very surprised about our new promotion and excited to pay it forward!

– Jay Bolduc