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Tonight I happened to notice someone in the dining room who I hadn’t seen there before but who I have been getting to know . He is a Pastor at a church in Nashua. I know this man has helped me in my life and helped me stay on the right path. He has helped my sister find strength in herself when she felt she had none left. There sat a man who asks of nothing and gives all he has/can to help others. Well tonight I decided we could do a small favor for him. Their bill wasn’t large but their gratitude was. I told him. “I know how many people you help on a daily basis and I know you may have reservations on letting me,  I would like to take care of your meal tonight. It would make my night to say thank you on behalf of all the good you do and people you help without even realizing it”.

~Thank you Pastor Paul~

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      Rich Stone sorry Nikki there are still things I’m learning like how to tag and track my Raks thank you for all the kind comments I’ve just read them. If you need to see ones I’ve been involved in I am using the tag R.Stone

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