Proud Momma

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During the “snow event” I was manning the host stand, and a woman came in to pick up a takeout. After having my head buried in excel for the most of the morning, I mistakenly read her total as “forty two point two zero”. I corrected myself and said $42.20, and she laughed having mentioned she was just in her car talking to her son about math, and that he just got perfect scores on his report card. I congratulated her, and told her to celebrate we would love to buy her and her son lunch. She was so excited she went out to her car to bring in her clearly embarrassed 9th grader. I simply told him great job, and his hard work got him some lunch on the house today. I explained about RAK’s and he started to smile saying he knows who to give it to, but wouldn’t say. Jason and I made a deal, that if he gets another score like that on his final report card, dinner would once again be on me. I’m looking forward to seeing him this June.

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