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I especially enjoyed the RAK tonight. Every Sunday morning shift I stop at Heavenly Donuts in Windham to get donut holes for the Kitchen guys, a giant coffee for myself, and I always buy the car behind me a coffee or two as my random act of kindness for the week. Every week its the same young woman who completes my order, and she is always excited to be able to tell the people behind me they got a free coffee. Tonight she came in with her boyfriend, and we joked about how she’s my “RAK Deputy” every week. I was finally able to pay her back for all the help she’s given me over the last couple years by buying her dinner and hooking up with a GC for the next visit. She is really psyched to be able to give someone a RAK certificate at the drive though tomorrow morning, and will be on the look out for a worthy candidate. So thanks, Mellissa at Heavenly, hope you pick out someone good!

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