Recovering from Surgery

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This afternoons RAK in Hudson was for Patty & her husband who just came home from having open heart surgery. Patty was picking up lunch at T-BONES because we are her husbands favorite restaurant and this is the first meal he wanted after just getting home today 🙂 She and our hostess Claudette were in tears talking about his journey and what his recovery will be like for the next 16 weeks. Once I started to hear this story, I began talking to them to learn more myself… Patty was the perfect pick for my RAK. She was so genuine, caring, and loving of her husband and definitely deserved a little pick me up. She was blown away when she found out the good news and she said after everything they have been through it is so nice to have something good happen to them. She is more than happy to be able to do the same thing for someone else 🙂

– Meaghan Corriveau

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